Making junior burger food with my NEW Hackit


This week I’ve been testing out Hackit, a new kitchen gadget which has just arrived in Australia from Norway. Rather than using a fork to quickly mash food for junior burger this week, I’ve been hacking it. It’s been quicker and more effective as I’m usually impatient with my mashing.

Hackit is in Australia thanks to husband and wife team Stephen and Jill Damen and Jill’s brother Stuart. Jill and Stuart’s brother lives in Norway with his family and on a visit last year they saw the Hackit in use in their kitchen. Stephen and Jill loved the hackit so much that they decided to import it to Australia and it’s now available for all of us Aussies to buy!

Here’s what I’ve been hacking away in my kitchen

junior burger’s banana pikelets mixture – I combine an egg, tablespoon of wholemeal flour and a banana…


Draining the carrots, zucchini and potato from her hash browns mixture, recipe is from Louise Fulton Keats’ Thermomix Cooking for your Baby & Toddler cookbook…


Hacking beef mince to make meatballs (no special recipe for this one – I change it up every time)…


I will be hacking biscuits to make my first ever cheesecake tonight. If you had a hackit what would you make and who for? Leave a comment to WIN 1 of 6 hackits.  If you’ve already entered via foodie cravings facebook, instagram and twitter, enter again by giving me a different hackit cooking tip. 6 random winners will be randomly drawn later tonight (19/8/15).

You can buy the Hackit for $19.95 online via, Kitchen Warehouse in Western Australia and at King of Knives (nationally).


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