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I’m a huge supporter of buying locally as I know that I’m feeding junior burger the freshest produce and supporting Western Australian farmers (and our economy). So I’m thrilled to hear Jack’s Wholefoods in Claremont Quarter (previously Farmer Jack’s) is so supportive of the Gascoyne Region and Buy West Eat Best.

foodie cravings writer Karina headed along to the new-look Jacks Wholefoods supermarket relaunch event over the weekend, this is what she thought.

Whilst many of us were enjoying the last summer days this March not everyone in Western Australia was having such a great time. Farmers in WA’s own Gascoyne Region were forced to deal with millions of dollars worth of damage to their crops after Tropical Cyclone Olwyn ripped through the area.

The Gascoyne Region is located 900km north of Perth and stretches all along the Indian Ocean coastline. The region is well known for growing fresh tropical fruits and vegetables, as well as being a major industry for seafood and beef supplies. It was an absolute shame to see this great fertile farming region so badly damaged.

Jack’s Wholefoods contributed $100,000 to a fundraising event held in April to help the Gascoyne Region regroup after such a tragedy. Along side this contribution they are continuing to support the region by selling their products.


Jack’s Wholefoods Claremont’s relaunch event was all about featuring the wonderful produce from the Gascoyne region as well as their support of Buy West Eat Best. Jack’s Wholefoods besides the name change has also been refitted with a real famers market like feel.

I love that Jack’s Wholefoods only sells WA products. Some of my favourites were from Whittington’s The Australian Herb, Spice and Mustard Company. I hadn’t previously heard of Whittington’s before but once I tasted it, I was sold. The Whiskey Mustard was divine and I really wanted to take the entire jar home with me. Whittington’s products are manufactured in Osbourne Park and available for purchase from Jack’s Wholefoods.


Chocolate is definitely one of my all time favourite foods so when I caught a glimpse of the Pana Chocolate stall, I was there faster than I could walk. Pana Chocolate is probably the healthiest chocolate you can get, it is raw, organic, and handmade with no refined sugar, dairy or soy and it’s low GI! But more importantly than any of that is that it tasted delicious!


As Jack’s Wholefoods Claremont’s relaunch event was all about the Gascoyne region the Gascoyne Food Council brought in WA Food Ambassador Don Hancey and Print Hall’s Executive Chef Dan Fisher to make some delicious samples of Gascoyne produce. Both Chefs work closely with WA produce and have really learnt how to showcase WA produce at its best.

I’m not usually a fan of crab but the Shark Bay Crab Rillete from Abacus Fisheries tasted beautiful served on top of a slice of Carnarvon Zucchini. The Rillete was my favourite, but the chefs also served up some delicious Shark Bay Blue Swimmer Crab Cakes with a little dollop of salsa and Shark Bay King Prawn Cakes with a light chilli mayo.


It was great to see so many Western Australian produce being showcased, and a huge relief to know that the Gascoyne Region is continuing to manufacture and produce the food we love. Though WA produce as well as the Gascoyne Region still needs our support!

Supporting local producers and farmers is hugely important in ensuring a sustainable and viable long-term approach to agriculture and farming. I think Jack’s Wholefoods in association with Buy West Eat Best is leading the way for supermarkets and I will be returning soon to buy more of their WA produce.

You’ll find Jack’s Wholefoods in Claremont Quarter everyday from 7am until 10pm.

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If someone were to record all my thoughts for a day, they would be astonished by the perpetual insatiable hunger I have for food. I constantly desire food, but not just any food, the most fabulous food I can find. From healthy low-carb high-protein power balls to decadent chocolate filled desserts, I will readily devour anything that looks and tastes fabulous!

Disclaimer: foodie cravings was invited as a guest to Jack’s Wholefoods relaunch event, please see disclosure policy for more details.


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