Mamee Chef’s instant noodles – my back up meal!


Working from home with a cheeky junior burger crawling about has really made me appreciate my small windows of time. I have to plan my day otherwise I just end up thinking about what I need to do or eat next rather then just getting on with it.

I normally have a few packets of instant noodles in the pantry just in case I have one of those days where I only have 5 minutes to spare or I just don’t feel like cooking and cleaning up after myself (I’m a messy cook).

So over the last couple of weeks, whilst busily working on burger boy’s and I’s business (read about our journey here) and organising our new home (read about my new kitchen here), I’ve been trying out Mamee Chef’s new premium instant noodles range which has been developed for Mamee by Malaysian celebrity, Chef Ismail. Mamee Chef sent me a box of 24 which has come in handy!! There’s three flavours to choose from – Curry Laksa, Tom Yam and Spicy Chicken Shiitake with shiitake mushrooms & vegetables.

I usually prefer my instant noodles without the soup and on the stove top with an egg so I did a bit of experimenting. I tried the Curry Laksa Mamee Chef’s way by just adding water for three minutes and on the stove with an egg with the soup drained. The Curry Laksa was more subtle than you would have dining out but the broth had the right balance of coconut and dried shrimp flavour. After trying both ways, I have to say Mamee Chef’s instant method tasted way better and it saved me washing a sauce pan!!


The Tom Yam was super spicy so if you can handle and love the spice, you’ll enjoy this one. My brother took home a few cups of Mamee Chef’s instant noodles and thought the Tom Yum was quote “like Asian spice level”. He thought it had strong flavours and packed a punch.


The Spicy Chicken Shiitake was my favourite. I loved the shiitake flavour and it wasn’t too spicy. Despite being Asian, I don’t have the same Asian spice tolerance as my family.


What I enjoyed about Mamee Chef’s instant noodles range is that it did resemble the traditional dishes in flavour and it took all of three minutes to make which left me time to focus on my business rather than cooking and cleaning.

Mamee Chef’s premium instant noodle range is available from Woolworths Supermarkets nationally for $2.29 rrp a cup. Mamee Chef’s aim is to provide busy people a quick snack or lunch option at home or on the go. Check out and to find out more.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Mamee Chef, opinions are my own. See foodie cravings disclosure policy for details.


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  1. Natalie Stoute on
    Instant noodles are the BEST! Even my three boys now take them to school for lunch in a thermos. Sandwiches got boring all of a sudden. So good for a quick and easy lunch. As a poor uni student many years ago I'd have noodles with cabbage and a hard-boiled egg with a chopped sausage for dinner! Guess what, it still tastes good and I have it for lunch every now and then. Thanks :)
  2. Susan Banyard on
    We love instant noodles and especially ones that offer so many amazing flavours. With kids sports not finishing till late its great to have them their for when we get home. We have so much fun in the sun in the West here in summer they are perfect after that late afternoon /evening swim.
  3. Perfect for quick lunches and lazy nights when it's just too hard to cook! I'm looking forward to trying these Instant Noodles and keeping a few in my pantry for a handy dinner fix!
  4. Ann Maree Sculley on
    The Tom Yam sound just like what my hubby and I are after thankyou we will keep an eye out in the supermarket for these !
  5. Instant noodles are always a backup for my flights. Just had one and so glad I had something, between meals that didn't taste quite right anyway (super salty chicken) this was easy to do.

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