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My little bro (aka foodie cravings editor) got a preview of Taste of Perth last week, read on for his tips on what to eat at this foodie festival this weekend!

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for more on Taste of Perth’s 2015 menu which is set to be even better and more affordable than last year’s.

Taste on Tour – a preview of Taste of Perth 2015 Festival

Last Thursday night, I attended the Taste on Tour event, a preview and showcase of some of the restaurants in this year’s Taste of Perth festival that will be running from 15th to 17th May at Langley Park.

Taste of Perth is a food festival which started from humble beginnings in London ten years ago. Today… it’s grown into an annual event held across 22 different cities around the world with a philosophy of creating a ‘foodie heaven’ and after attending the Taste on Tour night…. I think they have really hit the mark.

We were taken on a foodie journey that started at el Publico and then transported by a Perth Tram to Lalla Rookh (two of my fave restaurants) and ending at No 4 on Blake. At each restaurant, a selection of dishes were brought out for tasting and prior to serving, the Chef would talk us through what we will be eating. It was really fantastic hearing about the passion and effort that goes into each dish.

Here are my highlights…

el Publico

Pork Belly Taco – pork belly, charred pinapple salsa picante, chicharon

El Publico - Street Tacos

The pork belly was extra crispy and went really well with the soft tortilla taco shell.

Fried Crickets

El Publico - Fried Crickets

I’ve ordered the fried crickets before, so I wasn’t fazed to try them again. The seasoning had a cayenne pepper like flavour. Texture wise… biting into these bad boys kind of reminds me of biting into the softer parts of a prawn shell.

Two Village Mezcals

El Publico - Two Village Mezcals

We were also served Two Village Mezcals shots. They were like Tequila shots with a twist, chilli salt instead of normal salt and a spicy Sangrita chaser.

If you’re an alcohol aficionado, be sure to check out El Publico’s seminars about agave spirits at Taste of Perth.

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Lalla Rookh

Braised Lamb Shank – medieval style with sweet spices and prunes

Lalla Rookh - Braised Lamb Shank

Organic polenta and parmigiana, Nonna’s style

Lalla Rookh - Organic Polenta

I think the two dishes really complimented each other. The Braised Lamb Shank had a nice subtle flavour to it and was cooked to perfection with the meat falling off the bone.

The Chef described the polenta as a traditional style polenta set into the shape of bread. I found it had a nice and salty flavour and combined with the subtleness of the Lamb Shank, was a winning combination.

Meatballs, ricotta gnocchi and fried custard are some of the dishes Lalla Rookh will be serving at Taste of Perth.

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Next Door at No. 4

No4 Risotto – cauliflower, cocoa, burnt rice crisp

No 4 on Blake - Rissotto

The Chef described this as ‘bitterness’ inspired dish through the use of burnt rice crisps. The cauliflower through the risotto reminded me of a cauliflower mash that my fiancé Little Miss Bacon (she loves bacon) and I used to make as a potato mash substitute during our low-carb eating phase.

Valhrona Chocolate Garden – salted caramel, peanut dacquoise, sandalwood rock

No 4 on Blake - Choc Garden

I tried this dessert when I visited No 4 on Blake as my sister Michelle’s + 1 and tricked her into eating sweet bread gnocchi 🙂

My first and last impression of this dessert is the same… it is to die for and a must try for all chocolate lovers. My mouth is actually watering just thinking about it. With every bite, you get the chocolate or Milo powder that resembles soil, soft rich chocolate mousse and chunks of peanut dacquoise and salted caramel bursts.

I’m actually more of a savoury then a sweet lover, but this the type of dessert I’d be willing to skip my main for.

I’ll be heading straight to Next Door at No.4 when Taste of Perth is in town!

Crickets ain’t my thing and I must say I did freak a little when uploading my little bro’s pic. I am glad my bro’s post ended with No.4 Blake’s Valhrona Chocolate Garden as I still remember how amazing it was when I visited there last.

Anyway moving right along! The main feedback Taste of Perth received last year was that the food options were too expensive. So they’ve worked on some more affordable menu items, here are some of the dishes you can try for under $10…

  • Nobu’s Seared Salmon Sashimi – chocolate, yuzu karashiso miso, cocoa nibs & fried katafi ($10)
  • Modo Mio’s Vitello Tonnato – veal, tuna & caper mayo, quail egg, truffle oil ($6)
  • el Publico’s Pork Belly Taco (as featured above) – braised and fried served with roasted pineapple, salsa picante and chicharon ($8)
  • Mary Street Bakery Doughnut – peanut butter, jam & crunch ($6).
  • Asado’s Lomito – BBQ’d rump cap, loose leaf chimmichurri, chipotle mayo, salsa criolla ($8)
  • Next Door at No.4’s Croquettes (as featured above) – taleggio, broccolini, lardo & hazelnut marmalade ($10)
  • Propeller’s Grilled Occy – peas, smoked almonds and feta salad ($10)
  • Bib & Tucker’s Flinders Island Wallaby Shank – puffed wild rice, pickled grape agrodolce ($16)
  • Lalla Rookh’s Fried Custard – candied citrus, toasted almonds ($6)

Last year I managed to eat my way through Taste of Perth in 90 minutes before heading to Sushia for dinner. This year I’ve cleared my diary so I can pace my eating 🙂

Taste of Perth tickets start from $36 and are available via Ticketek. General admission tickets will also be available at the door, see foodie cravings Taste of Perth 2015 latest news listing for more details.

Disclaimer: foodie cravings was invited to Taste on Tour as a guest, please see disclosure policy for more details. 


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  1. I would love to take my sister this year. She missed out last year as she had to work...medical interns don't get the best shifts unfortunately :(
  2. Would be a wonderful anniversary gift for my other better half, we both love experiencing new food and exploring new taste!
  3. Definitely my husband. We have two kids (2.5 and 13mths) and haven't had any time off for as long as I can remember. This would be an amazing day/night out and it would give us the chance to sample some of the finest food from Perth's top restaurants...we'd never be able to get to them all otherwise!
  4. I would love to take my boyfriend. He is food obsessed and the look on his face if I told him we were going to a festival that is entirely about stuffing your face would be absolutely priceless! Mind...Blown....! Lol!
  5. I would love to take my best friend, were both devoted to the food cause and want to try EVERYTHING!
  6. My boyfriend is visiting from Sydney that weekend and I would love to show him how amazing Perth can be! (we are such foodies!)

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