Absolutely loved Must Wine Bar’s bistro lunch menu


Must Wine Bar is one of my favourite Perth restaurants to go to for special occasions as the food and service is always of a great quality. It’s one Perth restaurant I know I can always recommend, as I know that Russell Blaikie and his team will deliver the same dining experience each time (check out my 2012 Must Wine Bar dinner post).

Last month, burger boy and I were invited to try their new bistro lunch menu which was $80 for two people with the choice of any two courses with a glass of wine/sparkling each and as always we left very satisfied.


Must Wine Bar’s new bistro lunch menu features entrées, mains and dessert. You can pick any two courses to eat on your own or to share with your other eating half. burger boy and I picked two mains and two desserts with every intention of sharing the desserts, even though it didn’t happen in the end 🙂

The bistro menu changes daily according to the fresh ingredients the chefs have that day. I am told there will always be a meat and a fish main amongst the three with the local and imported wines changing every few weeks.

This is the menu we had to choose from…


We tried not to snack too much on the basket of complimentary bread which was served with butter before our mains but it was too good to leave behind…


For my main, I had the char-grilled Huon Tasmanian Salmon Fillet which was served on a bed of lemon risotto and topped with a caper salad. The salmon is usually cooked medium rare but I requested my salmon to be cooked well-done which is usually how I have my salmon even before being pregnant with junior burger.

The skin of the salmon was crunchy and the inside was silky soft. The risotto had a nice lemon tang which wasn’t too overpowering…


burger boy went for the Butterfield Beef Cheek Ravioli with was served in a mushroom ragout and topped with truffle oil and parmesan. The ravioli was soft as it should be and the sauce was thick like a gravy consistency. You could tell on first bite the ravioli was freshly made.


After mains, the waiter asked us if we wanted a break before dessert, burger boy was pretty quick to respond with “no we’re ready to go” 🙂

We picked a dessert each and had all intentions to share desserts, this however didn’t happen! burger boy who is a chocoholic ended up polishing off this warm chocolate moelleux dessert served with white chocolate ice cream…


And I was pretty happy to finish off this Citrus and Vanilla Creme Brûlée served with a raspberry sorbet on my own. Only thing that got left behind was the sesame snap.


Must Wine Bar’s $80 bistro lunch menu is an ongoing promotion but they are currently taking bookings up until the end of October. I’m not one to eat out alone unless it’s a quick take-away so for $40 each and the quality of food I’d happily head back to Must again for lunch. I think this special promotion is a great way to introduce new diners to Must Wine Bar and the accessible price means regular Must diners like ourselves can visit more often.

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Disclaimer: foodie cravings and burger boy dined at Must Wine Bar as guests, see disclosure policy for more details. 


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