Perth Food Truck Rumble eating plan (if I was to do it again!)


If I was to do the Perth Food Truck Rumble again, I’d have dessert first as the queues for the savoury food trucks were pretty long. It was really hot when we arrived at noon and it would have been awesome to enjoy something cool whilst waiting in line.

The wait time from queuing until receiving our savoury food was about 35 – 40 minutes. While the desserts took about 5 – 10 minutes because the dessert vans were tucked in the corner opposite the WA Museum.

I were to do my Perth Food Truck Rumble eating plan again, this is the order that I would have done it!

Crepes from Miam Miam, I had the strawberry jam one but it was tough choosing between this and the cinnamon & sugar crepe…



I’d then cleanse my palate with a watermelon & lemonade Delish Ice…


Then head straight to Comida do Sul Brazilian food truck to start my savoury courses…


The salted caramel La Paleta is AMAZING I wish I had this while waiting for my Brazilian food…


The Brazilian chorizo hot dog is pretty tasty and worth the wait if you’re standing in the shade (it was about 40 minutes in the sun for us)! When I was there around 12:30pm they ran out of the vegetarian option so if you’re a vegetarian, hopefully they restocked if you went to the Perth Food Truck Rumble in the evening.


The Merrywell sliders were as good as at the Crown even though working out of a food van.


Of the savoury food vans, The Merrywell was our favourite because they were quick and efficient. Plus their brioche buns were amazing…


We also had some pulled pork and slow cooked beef tacos from new Perth food truck on the block, Lil Tortilla Boi…


It was $9 a taco and the wait time was about 40 minutes too…


I’d then take home Miam Miam’s salted caramel macaron, caramel sticks and strawberry clouds. Mine lasted all of 5 minutes 🙂


I’d write more but I’m off to Andersen Cacao’s Chocolate Making Class at 4pm and wanted to share my ideal Perth Food Truck Rumble eating plan with you all in case you were heading there later today!

It’s so exciting to see so many new and existing Perth food trucks at the Perth Cultural Centre and I can’t wait to see where they pop up next so I can plan my next food truck eating plan 🙂


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