Cooking up a storm at the Perth Good Food & Wine Show 2013


burger boy and I were invited by Fisher & Paykel and Matters of Taste Cooking School to their YUM cooking masterclass at the Good Food and Wine Show last weekend. Besides learning some awesome cooking techniques, we learnt to work with other foodies and then had a ball eating and drinking our way through the Good Food and Wine Show.

burger boy and I were teamed up with two other foodies and cooked up a storm! I was completely impressed by our cooking efforts – we felt like we were in a Masterchef kitchen! Under pressure to follow instructions and work with others to ensure our meal was AMAZING when served.

We cooked up a Spanish Spiced Chargrilled Lamb with Green Mojo Sauce and a Warm Orzo Salad as our main and a French hot chocolate soufflé with raspberry coulis for dessert.

We seasoned the lamb in a plastic container with Wildings Spanish Spiced Mix and cooked it on the cast iron grill.

This cast iron grill is awesome, I want one of these!

The Warm Ozro Salad was so easy, we roasted cherry tomatoes in the oven, chopped cucumber, cooked some orzo, added rocket and wa-lah we had this tasty gourmet salad to serve with our Spiced Chargrilled Lamb…

The French hot chocolate soufflé was easier than I thought. We made our own custard and meringue and then combined the two. Added chocolate then poured the mixture into a dessert dishes which I buttered & sugared using the kitchen’s best tools (my hands).

Whilst we were enjoying out mains, the chocolate soufflé cooked in the oven…

We were all super proud of our chocolate soufflé which rose perfectly…

And of course with any good meal we need quality wine! We enjoyed a couple of glasses of Grant Burge Wines Cabernet Merlot 2011 (Barossa) which matched beautifully with our chargrilled lamb…

burger boy was spun out as to how close our Grant Burge host looks like comedian Peter Helliar, what do you think?

Check out my Good Food and Wine 2013 facebook album to follow burger boy and I’s foodie journey after our Fisher & Paykel’s YUM cooking masterclass.

Bring on Good Food and Wine Show 2014!


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