Toastface Grillah hidden in Perth’s Grand Lane


Before our Bali holiday last week, I thought I should keep my lunch splurging to a minimum. So I went for a wander to check out Toastface Grillah with one of my foodie colleagues.

Reading The Food Pornographer and Juji Chews Toastface Grillah reviews along with all the tweets about this hidden café in Grand Lane got me curious. Grand Lane is one of two lane ways refurbished as part of the City of Perth’s Forgotten Spaces Laneway Activation Strategy – it was pretty cool to walk through.

Here’s our artistic journey starting from Murray Street…

Toastface Grillah Grand Lane

If you look closer, you’ll see some random eyeball art to the left 🙂 we were facing this wall as we enjoyed our toasties…

Toastface Grillah Grand Lane

The entrance to Toastface Grillah…

Toastface Grillah

You won’t see this cool Toastface Grillah art unless you’re walking into Grand Lane from the Wellington Street end…

Toastface Grillah

There’s decking on entry and funky coloured wooden furniture. The service area through the below door was actually a lot more intimate than I had expected. The chalk board menu is to the left with the Toastface Grillah crew tucked behind the small counter space to right. Service was quick, friendly and down to earth. One of the boys took our order, another made our toasties and one was a dedicated barista.

Toastface Grillah

There were plenty of toasties to choose from ranging from $5 – $9 with some cool names…

Toastface Grillah Menu

We decided to share the Danny Zuccho $9 (left half) and the Apple Gouda $8 (right half)…

Toastface Grillah

The Danny Zuccho was my fav, it was filled with blue cheese, zucchini and prosciutto. The ingredients were fresh and worked well together. The bread itself was your usual sandwich style bread. I could have easily fit in dessert so hopefully down the track the boys will beef up the toasties a bit.

The Apple Gouda was filled with gouda cheese, ham, onion and apple. The melted gouda cheese was so good that my colleague got it all over herself and even managed to take some back to work 😉

Our Bickford’s old style red creamy soda and ginger beer matched the setting nicely…

Toastface Grillah creamy soda & ginger beer

I liked that Toastface Grillah makes a really simple food appear cooler and tastier. Price-wise it is a bit costly for what it is (you can probably make something similar for less than $2 in the good ole sandwich press) but for the creative space, service and a lunch outside of the office it’s worth the visit. I hope there are plans to get a liquor license, as it’d be a great venue for a small bar. I’ll be back again to try the coffee and when I’m dashing back to the office after a quick lunch hour shop in the city.

Toastface Grillah is open for breakfast, lunch and coffee Mon – Fri 7am till 4pm and Saturdays 8 – 4pm. Best way to find Toastface Grillah is to go to the Woolworths end of Murray Street until you find the entrance to Grand Lane, keep walking to the end of the lane and you’ll find it to your right.

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