Going crazy for Run Amuk Hotdogs in Freo


burger boy and I have been completely obsessed with quality hot dogs since tasting Pink’s Hot Dogs on our honeymoon in LA and had been searching the streets of Perth to fill our hot dog craving ever since 😉 that is until I came across The Food Pornographer’s review of Run Amuk Hotdogs Unleashed.

Run Amuk is located on the South Terrace cafe strip in Fremantle down the road from Missy Moos. A burger bar we’ve been meaning to try for ages – I was almost tempted to share a hot dog with burger boy to save space for a Missy Moos burger.

We arrived around 2:30pm one Sunday and was greeted by the friendly staff. As soon as we took a seat in one of the booths, our tables were cleaned and we were asked if we had been to Run Amuk before. When we said no, the staff member asked if he could explain the menu to us (great service!). We were told that there were vegetarian and gluten free hot dog options, and we could change whatever we liked on the menu. This was exciting as I’m a picky eater and I don’t often have the freedom to change the menus to suit my fussy tastebuds. I didn’t end up making any changes but was happy to have been given the option.

This was our Run Amuk hot dog booth…

Booth seating at Run Amuk

It didn’t take us long to decide what we wanted – burger boy went up to the counter and ordered us both The Punk each. The Punk was filled with a premium bratwurst made with 70% pork and 30% beef sourced from WA farmers, plenty of crispy bacon, aged cheddar cheese, caramelised onion, topped with tomato sauce, a smokey BBQ sauce and American mustard. The bread plays a huge factor with hot dogs for me and Run Amuk’s was fresh, firm but easy enough to bite into.

The Punk hot dog at Run Amuk

We also enjoyed a side of fries with aioli sauce. It was a good sized serving for $3.50…

Fries at Run Amuk

I’m not sure if I ever told you guys that my first ever job was at Wendy’s Super Sundaes. Since then I’ve had a slight obsession with strawberry milkshakes 🙂 I also have an inkling that my hot dog obsession started back then too. My strawberry milkshake ($5) at Run Amuk hit the spot. The strawberry flavour was perfect – sweet enough without being too intense and I loved the creamy texture.

Strawberry milkshake at Run Amuk

burger boy had a lime Jarritos – a drink which he has fallen in love with since trying it first at Mad Mex. To the extent that he asked for Jarritos to be mixed with tequila at the well known Mexican restaurant, Mamasita, in Melbourne recently 😉

Love Jarritos!

Run Amuk is THE place to go for hot dogs in Perth. The hot dogs are served on these stainless steel hot dog holders so if you drop you filling, it’s easy to stuff them back in 🙂 no need to worry about the 30 second rule. Run Amuk is definitely worth the drive and if you’re a local, I’m envious of you!

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