Snags and Sons – new hot dog bar in Leedy


I have a bit of an obsession with hot dogs so I was so super excited to hear that Snags and Sons, a dedicated hot dog bar, had opened in Leederville two doors down from Jus Burgers.

burger boy and I headed there last night and it was just as we would expect from Justin Bell (creator and owner of Jus Burgers). Awesome barrel styled tables, chalk board menus and a gourmet menu with local free range and organic product.

Snags and Sons - Hot Dog Bar Perth

I wanted to share with burger boy so I could try two hot dogs but the lamb caught burger boy’s attention (I don’t eat lamb) so it was each to our own!

burger boy had the Amelia Park North African lamb hot dog $9 which had harissa yoghurt, red peppers, honey, rocket served in a baguette. He thought it was super tasty – portion wise he would have liked more but nothing dessert or a second hot dog can’t fix 😉

North African lamb hot dog

I went traditional and had the free range linley pork smoked kransky which had cheddar, mustard and ketchup in a baguette. The snag was like a cheese sausage but without the greasiness, baguette was firm but soft enough to bite into and I gave away my pickles to burger boy (I only ever eat them in salads).

Kransky Hot Dog

We also enjoyed an organic cola for the first time (like a coke without the gas) and cloudy apple juice.

Organic cola and cloudy apple

Snags and Sons was just what we were after – a casual dinner where we could chat and chill. Service was friendly, quick and it’s BYO ($2 per person) – we will def be back.

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    • hehe that's awesome! They were tasty :) I got a bit excited about hot dogs after my visit and kept craving hot dogs! Should have just gone straight back but ended up getting random hot dogs at non-speciality hot dog places - they weren't the same!

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