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I absolutely love the Subiaco Farmer Markets, I go there mainly to eat and secondly to buy my groceries 😉 I had actually written a blog post about the markets March last year and since then I’ve find more amazing foodie finds so I thought it was a time this review got an update!

My love for the Subiaco Farmer Markets started with trying the pitas at Tom the Greek (my favourite food stall) and now it’s a tradition. Every time I’m at the Subiaco markets, I head straight for Tom the Greek and order their feta and/or spinach & feta pita ($5 each).

Greek Spinich & Feta Pita at Subiaco Farmers Market

They also sell home-made moon shaped shortbread biscuits which tastes almost as good as burger boy’s Italian nanna’s shortbread so my Chinese mamma normally stocks up on these 😉

After eating our Greek pitas, we normally go and check out Le Crepes. In my March review my Chinese mamma and I shared the special butter nutmeg apple crepe ($10) On the menu it had in brackets ‘like apple pie’ – I’d have to say it didn’t quite taste like an apple pie but it was tasty and you’ll like it if you like sweetened cooked fruit.

Crepes at Subiaco Farmers Market

I’ve also had the cinnamon and sugar crepe before which tasted just like a hot sugar coated cinnamon donut (yum!).

Other sweet crepes on offer include the nutella, lemon & sugar and maple syrup and they also have savory crepes – ham, cheese & tomato,  mushroom and cheese & tomato.

burger boy loves his brathwurst sausages…

Bratwursts at the Subiaco Farmers Market

burger boy demolishes his Bratwurst at the Subiaco Farmers Market

And I’m sure you know, we love our calzones…

Calzones in the making at the Subiaco Farmers Markets

Breakfast Calzone at the Subiaco Farmers Market

Even more so when it’s different and a breakfast calzone which we don’t have at Crust

Check out the filling of our breakfast calzone...

And everytime Marcelita’s Colombian Empanandas are at the Subi Markets we have them too…my fav is the pull pork & lime…

Colombian Empanadas on offer at the Subiaco Farmers Market

Marcelita’s Colombian Empanadas

We were pretty excited the one time we were there when there was a Mexican Burrito Bar stall…I didn’t manage to get a photo of the burrito though as burger boy ate it before I had a chance…I think I was ordering crepes at the time…

Burritos at the Subiaco Farmers Market

Every macaron we bought were delicious…

Macarons at the Subiaco Farmers Market

The creme brulee fudge was out of this world!

Fudge galore at Subiaco Farmers Market

It was the Subiaco Farmers Markets where I tried my first lemonade – was delicious!! Cross between a lemon and an orange.

Lemonade at Subiaco Farmers Market

After all the eating, we normally wander slowly around the markets…we start by going back to the entrance and checking out the good range of herbs on offer…though my Chinese mamma now has a full blown veggie patch so we don’t buy herbs anymore.

Herbs on offer at the Subiaco Farmers Markets

Then we head to the back of the markets to our favourite grocery stall…

fruit & veg at the Subiaco Farmers Market

 The fruit & veg is fresh and the breakfast/brunch food is amazing…there’s also great coffee on offer. The Subiaco Farmers Market are held every Saturday 8am – 12:30pm @ Subiaco Primary School, 271 Bagot Road. More details on the Subiaco Farmers Market website.


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  1. I can recommend the mushroom crepe, and I've also had one with mixed berries and creme anglais that was might fine. I love how this market inspires me to have second and third breakfasts. I don't need much encouragement though, it's fair to say.
    • ooh mixed berries sounds yum! I did see the mushroom one being made, will recommend that to my mum next time we head there (I'm a selective mushroom eater...I like the ones that don't have a strong 'mushroom' taste, if that makes sense). Was tempted to go back there tomorrow, but I had stocked my fridge up with enough fruit & veg to last us a couple of weeks :)

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