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Every couple of weeks I trek all the way from St George Tce to the other end of Hay Street to Jun for a bit of Japanese with my friend. It’s hidden in a random alleyway near Subway and if you weren’t looking for it, you would never know it was there.

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Being the creatures of habit we are, we always order the teriyaki chicken set and it never disappoints. The teriyaki set used to be $10, but when we went there yesterday prices had gone up to $11.80. Ee weren’t too fazed as there seemed to be more chicken than usual. The teriyaki chicken set comes with a miso soup, salad and rice and as usual I was pleasantly fulfilled. The chicken thigh had no fat on it and was tender, the skin was perfectly cooked (not too soggy / crispy) and the teriyaki sauce was just right (some places get it too sweet / salty).

I only ever come to Jun for lunch but have loved it every time. It’s cheap, tasty and you really experience the Japanese culture when you eat here. Service is quick but not at the expense of quality – Jun is perfect for a week day lunch especially if you work in the city and have 30 – 45 minutes to spare. It’s one of my favourite Japanese restaurant and definitely worth trying if you haven’t already!

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  1. Only just found out about this place and they were closed over the holidays which made the wait build up the anticipation. I finally went there and loved it! The chicken katsu is delicious. I've got to go back again for more.
    • I'm so excited to hear you enjoyed Jun and that it exceeded your expectations. It's my favourite Japanese restaurant for teriyaki chicken in Perth :) will def have to try the Katsu next time. Been going there for years but I always order the same thing ;)

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