140 Perth food round up!


I love the buzz 140 brings to the city and their focus on bringing quality and different food options to Perth.

Here’s my 140 Perth round up featuring what I’ve tried and the exciting new additions opening next month.



Finding decent coffee whilst shopping in the city used to be tough so having new cafes like Max + Sons pop up closer to the malls really excites me.

Owned by the same family behind Mo Espresso, Max + Sons which is named after their grandpa Max, is an extension of Mo Espresso with food and drinks available for take-away and dine-in. Like Mo Espresso, this new café holds true to the family’s vision of sharing good coffee with friends.

I headed along to a tasting at Max & Son last month and despite not wanting to have coffee after 5pm, how I could I say no to a latte made with five senses?

My latte was creamy smooth just the way I like it. Good thing I had worn myself out that day so I was still able to sleep that night.

Coffee of course isn’t the same without a sweet of some sort…donuts filled with strawberries and cream were the perfect match. I’m told Max + Sons donuts are delivered by Top Dup and are often snapped up by 10am – you’re lucky to get one at midday so if you’re keen for a donut be sure to get there early.

I also had a taste of the pulled pork sliders with chimichurri and a couple of sandwiches. All good lunch options if you’re after something quick and tasty. The coffee prices are decent too. You’ll part with $3.50 for a regular and $4.50 for a large.

Max + Sons on Urbanspoon


burger boy and I love a good German feed so we headed here last month with junior burger. We both ordered the pisner beer as recommended by the waiter and it was just we felt like, light and easy to drink.

For those of you with babies, there’s high chairs and it’s a pretty open space so it was reassuring for us to know that if junior burger planned on letting the Perth CBD know she has a loud voice, there’s a good chance it’d be drowned out by the surrounding tables 🙂

The pork ribs had plenty of flavour and a good kick of spice. They were tender enough for me but burger boy said he would have liked the meat falling off the bone and to melt in his mouth.

Dining at a German restaurant, we had to have sausages and they were my highlight. Let me tell you they didn’t taste like your $2 sausage sizzle sausages at Bunnings 😉

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant on Urbanspoon


I was super keen to check out Bam Bam Boo after lunching at Brotzeit the Sunday arvo we headed into town so I just ordered BBQ pork buns for dessert. It was a bit dry and the filling was a bit small for my liking but from what I’ve heard the BBQ Pork Buns aren’t the top picks on the menu. I will be back to try the dumplings and noodles next time!

On the plus side, I LOVE their iPad ordering system which was quick and easy.

Bambamboo on Urbanspoon



If you’re after a decent ice chocolate or a fancy dessert, Koko Black is worth a visit, the prices are really decent too. Koko Black Perth was featured in my New Restaurants & Bars round up post here.


Married into an Italian family, I have to say the food is just ok but it’s the value for money that I love about Jamie’s. It’s awesome that you can have a restaurant experience with a good feed and great service for under $40 for two, which pretty much puts Jamie’s price in the same bracket as Nandos. I blogged about Jamie’s Italian here.



burger boy and I are huge carnivores so we can’t wait to try Rib & Burgers open flame chargrilling technique when they open on Friday 26 June. I’m told this South African way of barbecuing – braaing, ensures there’s a signature char on the meat. Ribs&Burgers


A new diner serving classic American food is set to open towards the end of next month with hot dogs, pizza, waffles and sundaes on the menu. It’s described by the venue owners as a diner meets warehouse experience. Check out the concept drawing provided by East Village below, looks like a really cool space! East Village concept


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