New Moon – my favourite Perth dim sum


New Moon in Northbridge is my favourite Perth dim sum. They consistently make my favourite dishes well and I love that they open for dim sum on Friday and Saturday nights, a first in Perth!

Every time I have dim sum at New Moon whether it’s dine in or take away, I am always happy with the quality. Plus, it’s quick and easy. On a weekday you can easily be in and out in under an hour.

These are some of my favourite menu items…

BBQ Pork Buns  the pork filling is sweet, the steam bun is soft and of a good size…


Steamed dumplings – we love our dumplings and even more at New Moon as they are always generously filled! We usually go the prawn dumplings… 


And if there’s more than two of us, we order more dumplings! We like the prawn and scallops dumplings and after my trip to Singapore, I’ve been craving Shanghai Dumplings 🙂



Chinese porridge is a childhood food for me, when I was sick as a kid my mum would make me porridge with lots of spring onions. Nothing has changed, mum took away the Century Egg & Pork Porridge from New Moon when I wasn’t feeling too well in my first trimester of my pregnancy – it did the trick and tasted amazing!


The glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf and fried radish cake at New Moon are also winners. I should have galleries with pics of these two dishes as I eat it all the time but I reckon I must eat them without thinking like a blogger as I love them so much.

For dessert I usually have a bowl of sago, almond jelly or a serving of these sweet egg tarts…


New Moon’s service varies depending on the day. When the owner is managing the floor, service is fantastic. When he’s not like my last visit, service is not as good but it’s only minor things which are missed and nothing that would stop me from going back. For example, having to flag a staff down to request Chinese tea, which is usually offered on arrival, and getting our own tea cups from the empty nearby table because it’s quicker.

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