So excited a Missy Moos close to home!


It’s not often I get excited about a new burger bar, well at least not as much as burger boy, but I was super excited to hear Missy Moos opened their second burger bar in Mt Hawthorn.

I’ve been forever meaning to try Missy Moos but everytime I head to Fremantle, it’s a special trip to eat my favourite Perth hot dog, The Punk from Run Amuk’s. I have even thought about sharing a Run Amuk hot dog and Missy Moos burger with burger boy but it never happens!

Anyways.. burger boy and I were invited by my friend Meg Coffey of coffey & tea on behalf of Missy Moos, to try out their burgers at their new second store at The Mezz. Besides having a great catch up with Meg, burger boy and I are excited to have a found a new local Perth burger bar that stands out from the rest.


I had Missy Moo’s Tom, Tom, The Piper’s Son ($14.50) which has a WA lean beef pattie with crispy bacon, tasty cheddar, tomato, baby spinach, BBQ sauce & aioli…


I loved that the bacon was crispy and that the bread is easy to bite into. I don’t normally go crazy for burgers but this is one I’d definitely crave. It actually reminds me a bit of Run Amuk’s The Punk hot dog in taste and perhaps thats why I love it so much. At first, I thought it was a coincidence, but Meg tells me that the Run Amuk owners actually worked at Missy Moos before opening Run Amuk.

burger boy had the Jack and Jill ($15) which has a lean beef pattie, crispy bacon, avocado, tomato, warm caramelised onions, baby spinach & aioli…


burger boy, my resident burger connoisseur was very happy with his Jack and Jill burger. We’ve been both going crazy for avocado so we knew the combination would be good.

As you would have spotted, we also shared a bowl of chunky chips between the three of us, which I couldn’t resist picking at even after they went cold!

Miss Moos in Mt Hawthorn caters for everyone, they offer gluten free, vegetarian and vegan burgers as well as a dedicated play area and kids menu. Yay to having a burger joint where we can take junior burger in a year or so!


You can BYO and have your burgers there or on the public couches opposite Missy Moos at The Mezz.


I loved our burgers at Missy Moos and would gladly go back for more! burger boy is keen to try the new lamb burger which launched last Friday.


Miss Moos sits pretty high up there with our fav go-to Perth burger joint Alfred’s in Guildford. I’d recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. If you live south of the river, there’s also a Missy Moos in South Fremantle. 

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