Pizza & wine matching with Jacob Allan, WA actor from Packed to the Rafters



One of the things I love about food blogging is the people you meet along the way. I was just a bit excited to have pizza and wine with Packed to the Rafters actor and WAAPA graduate Jacob Allan last Thursday night.

Jacob who lives in Sydney is here in Perth for his debut in Black Swan’s WA premiere of Joanna Murray-Smith’s Day One, A Hotel, Evening which is showing at the State Theatre 15 – 30 June. So when they say theatre and wine go hand-in-hand, it certainly does in Jacob’s case who also has his own online wine business Garrick’s Wine which is named after David Garrick, an English actor, playwright and theatre manager who was also a wine merchant.

Jacob’s family owns Rosily Wines in Margaret River which is where his passion for wine started. After 14 years of acting, Jacob decided to take his love for wine to the next level. He took a two year break from acting to further his wine education in London and Los Angeles.

While in London, Jacob was Corney and Barrow’s Drinks Training Manager and trained bartenders in thirteen boutique wine bars. Jacob said that being a Training Manager was a great way for him to learn about wine as he had to learn the programs first to be able to train others.

So with the wine experience behind him and missing the warm weather, Jacob decided to make the move back to Australia and start Garrick’s Wine which stocks wines from boutique wineries in Australia and overseas. Jacob wholesale’s wines to restaurants and provides free shipping for those ordering online via Garrick’s Wine.

He has also just started to make his own wine which he has named Hearts of Oaks. This organic Chenin Blanc will be available via Garrick’s Wine soon, I love the theatrical label!


Like most small business owners, Jacob was inspired to start Garrick’s Wine in 2010 because he wanted to be his own boss and have the flexibility to do something he loved which fitted into his schedule (in this case his acting career).

Drawing on his wine expertise, Jacob helps burger boy and I match our crust pizzas with wine.


For the Crust Oregano Verdi & Parmesan starter pizza Jacob recommends the Cruzat Argentinian Sparkling which he describes as having a nice roundness.


As for the Mediterranean Lamb he recommends a Cabernet like his family’s 2010 Rosily Cabernet as it is a bit fuller.


For the Prosciutto pizza Jacob recommends the Foster e Rocco Fiano which is an Italian grape variety which has enough acidity to deal with the weight of the pizza.


As we finished our pizza dinner, Jacob tells us his favourite Perth restaurant is Capri Restaurant on South Terrace in Fremantle. He loves that nonna is still in the kitchen cooking authentic Italian dishes and Capri is a non-pretentious BYO restaurant. Jacob’s favourite Capri dish is the filetto di maiale alla friulana which is a pork fillet cooked with garlic, parsley and cream with a bowl of chips on the side. burger boy and I don’t get out to Fremantle enough, Capri has been added to our to eat list!


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  1. What a great idea. Maybe you could make one of those pretty wine pairing charts to go with pizza, would be a hit. People love drinking wine but rarely know how to match it with their pizzas!

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