Third time lucky at The Generous Squire


In celebration for Miss Jimmy’s birthday we went to The Generous Squire for dinner.

I had actually been to The Generous Squire a couple of times prior for birthday lunches at work and hadn’t been a fan. The first time I went was ok but the squid I had ordered was too battered for my liking so that was just a poor selection on my behalf but the second time we went, I ordered the $20 tasting plate which arrived 45 minutes after I had ordered. It was also after everyone else had finished their meal, the worse thing was that I was absolutely starving that day and had been looking forward to lunch and really didn’t have a whole lot of time to waste – I had literally 15/20 minutes to eat before I had to rush back to work for a meeting. To top it off the food was cold and tasteless.

The Generous Squire Tasting Plate

So anyway from my previous experience you can gather that I wasn’t that keen on going to The Generous Squire for dinner. But Bocca which I had planned on taking Miss Jimmy to was closed and she had blisters which meant walking wasn’t an option so The Generous Squire it was…

I was craving Bocca’s gnocchi and because of my bad experience at The Generous Squire last time, I was even pickier than usual with my food so I opted for the safe option and had a steak sandwich.

The safe option paid off 🙂 the caramelized onion was delicious and the steak was cooked perfectly and well done as requested.

Steak Sandwich at The Generous Squire

 Miss Jimmy really enjoyed her roasted vegetable tart $20 which was filo pastry filled with slow roasted tomato, sweet potato, red onion & zucchini topped with balsamic rocket leaves & capsicum coulis.

Roasted vegetable tart  at The Generous Squire

So it was third time lucky for The Generous Squire…and I can say I will be back for not just their drinks but also their food next time! But I think I’d just stick to their pub grub.

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    • I think it's worse when you're hungry and what's served after waiting all that time is not as expected! And in my case I had to try to eat it all in 15 minutes to make it my meeting on time :( But yes completely agree, waiting when in a rush is completely different to waiting on the go.

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