A lovely Sunday brunch at West End Deli


West End Deli, 95 Carr Street, West Perth, (08) 9328 3605
Open for breakfast & lunch everyday, dinner Thursday – Saturday

What better way to spend a Sunday than brunching at West End Deli! Tucked away in the West Perth suburbia, West End Deli has a beautiful rustic feel. On entry there’s an open kitchen with three chefs working away (this part of West End Deli reminds me of Cumulus Inc in Melbourne) and above us were white chairs hanging off the ceiling, on the walls there were pictures of West Perth back in the days…it was all very interesting to admire.

West End Deli

West End Deli Rustic Setting

The only downside was that it took 10 minutes to receive our menus, 15 minutes wait to then order our meals and another half an hour before our meals arrived but the quality, taste and presentation of our meals made up for the lost time.

I think the only time I ever order both a coffee and juice is when I’m breakfasting or brunching with Mahara 🙂 My latte was nice and the freshly squeezed orange juice sure was refreshing, perhaps a little sour but nothing a bit of sugar couldn’t fix.  

Latte & Orange Juice at West End Deli

As you saw above, I went for my usual latte and was completely boring with my juice selection. Mahara on the other hand had the West End Lemon Lime and Bitters which was made with fresh lime, elderflower, bitters and sparkling water  – she loved it!

Cappucino & Lemon Lime & Bitters at West End Deli

Mahara and I both had the mascarpone crepes with rhubarb…this was delicious and the presentation was something off Masterchef. The flavours complimented each other really well. The mascarpone was light and the rhubarb had the perfect texture, it wasn’t too hard or too soft. The menu had said that pistacchios would be served with the crepes but we found almonds in it’s place. I don’t usually eat almonds or nuts in general but the almonds were thin & crisp and balanced the sweetness of the dish, Mahara likes pistacchios so it would have been good to know ahead of receiving the crepes that they were going to be replaced by almonds.  

mascarpone crepes at West End Deli

It felt like we were just having dessert rather than breakfast / brunch as after our crepes Mahara ordered the Apricot Bread & Butter Pudding $14 which was served with home-made vanilla ice-cream, the spoonful I had was absolutely amazing… it was served fresh out of the oven and the apricots were deliciously sweet!

Apricot Bread & Butter Pudding at West End Deli

I had the meringue which was served with ice berries and a white chocolate sauce ($14). It was ok but I wished I had ordered the Apricot Bread & Butter Pudding instead…the meringue stuck to my teeth and the berries were a bit too sour for my liking but presentation-wise it looked great! I also thought it was a small portion for the price.

meringue at West End Deli

I had a lovely time at West End Deli and would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend a morning or afternoon chilling out at a very cool cafe…I was most amazed that all the food were cooked from scratch, the plating up of the dishes and the way the menu tested my taste buds.

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