Mighty Quinn, mighty full


I took mince out to cook cannelloni tonight but had lasagne for lunch and wasn’t feeling like another mince dish so burger boy and I decided to go to The Mighty Quinn in Tuart Hill for some good ole pub food.

I was absolutely starving so the criteria for choosing a dinner option was simple (1) close to home (2) good sized portions and (3) something new but ‘safe’. The Mighty Quinn ticked all the boxes and we had been a few times for drinks / snacks before but never to eat.

I was in my corporate work clothes and felt completely overdressed but as we reached the restaurant / dining area, I felt at ease seeing other diners in ‘work clothes’ too. The menu was fantastic, there was so much choice and it was such great value.

The seafood platter caught our eye, for just $27.50 there was a fillet of salmon, massive fish fillet, chilli mussels, salt & pepper squid, a prawn skewer and chips!

seafood platter at the mighty quinn

  • The salmon was delicious, it was cooked perfectly and the highlight of our seafood platter
  • The chips were good and chunky (it’s your softer type)
  • Squid was my second favourite, although it looks very battered it didn’t taste at all greasy
  • The prawns were ok, just taste like they were barbequed
  • Tartare sauce had a nice taste but it was a bit thin for our liking (we like our tartare sauce chunky)
  • Mussels were really juicy but the chilli sauce didn’t do the mussels justice. Sauce tasted like sweet bottled supermarket pasta sauce.
  • Fish was ok, it was crispy on the bottom – not sure if it was meant to be like this but the rest of the fish was cooked well.
  • Garlic bread wasn’t very flavoursome, but it was a good bonus as I wasn’t expecting it to be served with our seafood platter.

We also ordered the chicken parmigiana $18.50 to share which was also massive…

chicken parmigiana at the mighty quinn

The chicken parmigiana sauce was very similar to the chilli mussels, it was cooked fine but the sauce tasted like bottled pasta sauce. burger boy is a big parma fan but I don’t think he’ll order it again at The Mighty Quinn.

Service was with a smile and really quick, it cost us $60 including drinks and burger boy and I literally rolled out…we will definitely be back to The Mighty Quinn!

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