Fascinated by the spinning skewers at Little Lamb Hot Pot…


Little Lamb Hot Pot, 91 James Street, Northbridge, (08) 9228 9182
Open for  lunch and dinner every day

We went to Little Lamb Hot Pot in Northbridge for ex-fatty’s birthday on Thursday night. The Little Lamb restaurant concept intrigued me, each table had a Hot Pot filled with two soups of your choice, a coal BBQ and you can eat & drink as much and as long as you want.

Our Hot Pot…

Little Lamb Hot Pot

Our coal BBQ…

Little Lamb - Uncooked Skewers

I was overwhelmed by the amount of food and didn’t know where to start…

Little Lamb - Fish Balls

Little Lamb - Spam & other condiments

I was excited by the variety of skewers on offer but as a picky eater I found it hard to work out what was what.

Little Lamb - Skewers

I relied on educated guesses (the raw beef and lamb skewers look very similar) and what I could understand from the passing waitress who ran through the meats very quickly.

Little Miss Bacon was quite excited that there were labels for the skewers…

Little Lamb - Skewers Labels

It didn’t help that we all couldn’t read Chinese!

Back at the table I was fascinated by the spinning skewers…the coal BBQ spins each skewer to cook them to perfection…

  • Our favourite skewer was the pork belly…it was succulent and tasty
  • If you like spam then you’ll love the spam and capsicum skewer
  • The chicken wing took a bit too long to cook and kept pushing the neighbouring skewers into the air – it was quite amusing to watch.

The lamb pancakes were a little cold so Little Miss Bacon and burger boy warmed them up on the BBQ…it was entertaining to watch the pancakes race.

Little Lamb - warming the Lamb pancakes up

The Hot Pot didn’t get as much attention from burger boy and I…there were plenty of noodles, seafood, fish balls to choose to cook in it but we mainly had the skewers.

For $39 each, it was good value especially as there’s no pressures to eat quickly or a limit on how much you can eat / drink. However, it did lack a bit of quality and service.

Little Miss Bacon, ex-fatty and my fussy Asian mother all loved Little Lamb Hot Pot for the flavours, concept and general feel (read Little Miss Bacon’s review).

burger boy on the other hand wasn’t a fan. There was a leak above us and burger boy was being dripped on all night. We didn’t know where it was coming from until I noticed the insides of my bag was wet…which at this point the owner of Little Lamb came by and just placed a take-away container under the leak. I wasn’t too fussed as being Asian, I understand this is how it is at these types of restaurants but burger boy thought it wasn’t the greatest customer service.

burger boy also wasn’t a fan of the prawns which was still defrosting…and the bottom of the custard bun I had, was hard down the bottom and not edible. Regardless of where I go and how cool the concept is, fresh food is a must.

Little Lamb impressed my family so if you’re intrigued by the concept and not too fussy then you may like it but if quality and service is important to you as it is to burger boy and I, then Little Lamb is probably not for you.

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