Pizza @ metro bistro bar – yum!


I think I’ve had way too many pizzas this week – as much as I love and crave them I think I might have to take a bit of a break (at least for this week anyway).

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I actually didn’t intend on ordering the Cacciatore Pizza at Metro Bar and Bistro, but I wasn’t sure how the portions would be if I went with my first choice which was the half shell scallops w’ goats cheese, spinach, crisp proscuitto balsamic reduction ($17) and having not been to Metro Bar and Bistro yet, the scallops was a risk and I hate leaving hungry which seems to happen more often than not when we go for group work lunches to celebrate someone’s farewell or birthday. Anyway, the pizza was tasty ($20), it was a good portion, especially for the type of restaurant we were at. I had about 4 slices and shared the rest out.

From what I heard and saw from my colleagues, the squid was yummy (good portion for $17), beer battered fish and chips was nice, good size for the ladies, not enough for the boys. Steak sandwich ($20) looked a bit sloppy and didn’t have great reviews and the club sandwich  ($20) was good – one of the girls polished it off pretty quickly!

It had a nice setting / ambience about the place. Decorations were over the top which was interesting but I thought it worked, they had feathers in vases like a wedding reception and there was a nice outdoor area if you felt like a more casual setting.

I’d go again for the lunch/drinks.

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