Bon voyage dinner @ the brook bar & bistro in Ellenbrook


I went to dinner at the brook bar & bistro last night for my bro-in-law’s bon voyage dinner. The decor was ultra modern and funky:

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We had a few drinks in the outdoor area which was nice, drinks weren’t cheap but what you’d expect at a bar of a similar calibre ($13 for a pint of matsos mango beer – must try if you haven’t already, it is brewed in Broome). Although it is a nice place to have a few drinks or coffee/dessert, I probably wouldn’t go back there for the food which was fine dining prices without the quality.

I had the fish of the day which was barramundi, it was served with a yoghurt dressed salad with strawberry, pear, brie, lettuce and walnut – it wasn’t bad, a bit bland maybe but I didn’t enjoy it.

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My other half burger boy had the surf & turf ($36), I had a bite of the steak which was a bit chewy / plain.

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The beef fillet ($38) that my sis-in-law had did look good though – it was a char-grilled beef tenderloin with potato gratin, garlic beans and shiraz jus.

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I was really happy with the starters we had though – garlic bread was tasty not too oily, the oysters kilpatrick wasn’t too strong and the cinnamon squid was different, but most of us liked it.

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Overall, the brook has a really nice ambience and is a great place to go for drinks especially in the Ellenbrook / Swan Valley way, just not for fine dining – worth having a look.

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  1. hi there! i just stumbled across your blog and thought i'd comment. it's always a bit disappointing when you pay $$$ but it's not really.. that great. i went to quite a well-known steak house where i live, paid over $40 for a steak and it was probably less-quality than the $18 steak at my local!!! they didn't even cook it how i requested.. sigh. love the blog- will be back =).
    • Thanks for commenting Michelle. It seems more often than not, price doesn't always result in quality! I don't tend to order steak unless I'm absolutely craving it as they never seem to get the way I like it right - what's the name of the place that didn't get your steak right? I'm always traveling, will make sure I don't go there!
  2. Heya Michelle, love the blog :) i have to say I agree about The Brook, we went there recently and thought exactly the same as you - bland and expensive for what you got. We'll have to catch up for a lunch again, although i think it'll have to be after the festival now! Sue x
    • hey Sue, thanks for coming by :) glad you agree about The Brook - it's a shame as it is such a nice bar. Yes we are definately due for a catch-up - buzz us after the festival x

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