Me time! Coffee & Pilates at Urban OM


I haven’t exercised in four years since junior burger was born so when I was invited to join a class at Urban OM Yoga & Pilates Studio in East Perth I was very nervous.

Questions raced through my head in the lead up to my selected 45-minute core pilates class…

  • What do I wear to a pilates class?
  • What still fits?!
  • Am I going to make it through the class without dying as I’m so unfit?!$&@

Yep, I am a bit dramatic haha. I found some leggings and a singlet that fitted fine! Urban OM Yoga & Pilates studio sorted out the rest, they have mats ($3) and towels ($2) available for hire.

I really enjoyed my Urban OM experience, I felt instantly connected and relaxed by my instructor Gintare. In the studio, I felt comfortable and not pressured to pose perfectly straight away. Gintare’s gentle encouragement and guidance along with her clear demonstrations of the moves made it easy for a rusty unfit me to really get the most out of the class.

My posture was nothing like Pilates instructor Gintare or Studio Manager Larissa below but I was bursting with energy after my pilates class!! Urban OM also just launched a cute little cafe at the front of their studio. I was treated to a healthy lunch after my class.

I had a Moroccan chickpea soup ($9) and soy latte…

Urban OM Pilates & Yoga Studio soupToasties, banana bread and other lunch kits are also available for dine-in or takeaway. Perfect for after class or those living/working on Adelaide Terrace looking for a quick grab and go option.

For those of you looking to get back into pilates or yoga and live/work locally, I’d highly recommend Urban OM, their rates are below and you can find out more about their pilate and yoga classes on their website:

  • Casual rate – $22 per class
  • 1-month intro pass – $49
  • No contract membership – $35 per week

There’s only street parking avail for $5 so best to bus it down Adelaide Tce.

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