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South Terrace has a new pub on the block called Percy Flint and I was instantly smitten when I saw the “Boozery and Eatery” sign out the front. It describes the venue perfectly. Opening in April 2016, and named after the 1930’s original owner, Percy Flint is not a restaurant but not your average pub either. It offers more than just pub grub, more than just beer on tap and more than just casual dining. As soon as you walk in the door you are greeted by a wall of spirits. The bar also opens to the beer garden for easy access from outside, and offers numerous local craft beers and creative cocktails to choose from.


Percy Flint Fremantle PubPercy Flint Fremantle Pub

The menu includes staples like burgers, hot dogs and steak sandwiches but you will also find a trio of mushrooms – Enoki, Oyster and Button – pan fried in ghee (clarified butter) and served with linseed and quinoa bread with goat cheese crumbled on top for $12.

Percy Flint Fremantle Pub

My favourite dish of the night is apparently the most popular dish on their menu. Buttermilk chicken is marinated for 24 hours in seasoned flour and then deep fried in a homemade sauce which includes local honey. Without a doubt the flavours make a mouthwatering combination worth the $16.

Percy Flint Fremantle Pub buttermilk chicken

New chef Tom Josham is passionate about Thai food and has created some new dishes that he hopes will eventually appear on the menu as regulars. One is local Fremantle squid covered in a curry paste that has been hand pounded the traditional way, in a mortar and pestle (Tom doesn’t use a food processor). It is wrapped in a banana leaf and then cooked slow over charcoal. Tom throws dessicated coconut onto the hot coals which adds to the smoked flavours.

Percy Flint Fremantle Pub

The minced chicken salad is also charcoal grilled and includes lemongrass, dill, mint, coriander and dried toasted chilli which makes it a very spicy dish! I found it a little too spicy but my husband ate it with relish, commenting that it would be something he would easily eat for breakfast.

Percy Flint Fremantle Pub

Braised chicken wings with a blue cheese dip are also on the menu for $14 and while the rich redness of the skin screams hot, they were not. Another favourite of mine, they were delicious with plenty of meat on them.

Another special dish Tom created was the snapper, cooked to perfection so the meat just fell away from the bones. My husband thought the crunchy skin was full of flavour and kept going back for more.

We finished the night with duck parfait and sour cherries served with Turkish bread at a cost of $14. The presentation was lovely. Tom says he makes everything fresh and it definitely looked and tasted that way.

On cold winter nights, mulled wine is a great way to warm up.

Or you can sit around the open fire in the courtyard which pumps out enough heat to combat the night chill. In summer this area would be brilliant but in winter it is equally enjoyable. If the cold does get too much, make yourselves comfortable on the Chesterfields inside placed beside a double sided fire which warms the room up to toasty temperature. Percy Flint can be booked for all types of functions including engagements and weddings but is ideal as a meeting hub for absolutely no reason at all.

Closed on Mondays, Percy Flint, 211 South Terrace South Fremantle, is open from 4pm to 12am Tuesdays to Thursdays, and 12pm until 12am Friday through to Sunday. Check out Percy Flint’s Facebook Page for menus and further details. 

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