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Side Door BBQ has been serving up great American style BBQ for the last year and have branched out into the brunch market with their American Brunch menu. 

Whether you prefer a traditional breakfast (eggs, bacon, beans and toast), a light salad or proper American BBQ ribs, the brunch menu will have you covered.

One thing I really enjoyed on Side Door BBQ brunch menu were the choice of drinks available, especially the brunch cocktails available. The Bacon Bloody Mary comes in at $14 or $28 for a jug, and is definitely one of the most impressive Bloody Marys I have seen around. The sheer size of the drink is enough for it to almost become a meal in itself, but with so much else on the menu, it probably wont be your only meal. The Bacon Bloody Mary does come with Vodka, but if you are not a fan, or would prefer not to have alcohol, there is also a virgin Bloody Mary which looks equally as impressive.

If you’re a fan of milkshakes like me, I’d recommend the Side Door BBQ Chocoreo shake. The consistency was quite thick but not so thick that you can’t get it through the straw (easy food, is better food). And the flavour is absolutely delicious!

The Full Door Big Breakfast will set you back about $26 but you do get plenty of it, including eggs, house smoked bacon, house beans, breakfast sausage and mushrooms with sour dough toast. If you’re looking for something a bit smaller, The Side Door Breakfast is $15 and comes with eggs, house smoked bacon and house beans with sour dough toast. Side Door BBQ smokes all their meat in store, and the flavour of the smokiness wafts through the restaurant. It tastes and smells absolutely beautiful (unless you’re pregnant like Michelle and can’t take the smells of meat at the mo).

The Cinnamon Pancakes ($8) are great if you aren’t into the BBQ flavours. I absolutely love cinnamon, so I thought Cinnamon Pancakes were just divine. They come drenched in maple butte, the whipped cream works really well to cut through the sweetness. I would definitely recommend this dish for kids who might be a little bit fussy.

The sides and extras work really well as little sharing plates, which is great as it means you can taste a bit of everything. My favourite were the Pork Belly Lollipops for $16. The BBQ was sticky and sweet and the pork belly was cooked beautifully. 

The real speciality of Side Door BBQ is of course their smoked BBQ meats. For me, there were two clear must haves. Firstly the smoked Brisket ($11) and secondly the Pork Ribs St Louis Cut ($24). Both of these looked and smelt absolutely delicious, but we really couldn’t get over how good value each of these were. The serving sizes were very generous. 

If you’re more of a burger/sandwich/hot dog person, I recommend the Side Door BBQ Chilli Dog. This hot dog comes with a chilli and cheese sausage topped with chilli con carne and melted cheese. It is served up with a side of fries. For $16 this is definitely a value for money deal. The chilli is quite spicy however, so be prepared for that.

My absolute favourite Side Door BBQ dish was the first dish to catch my eye and i just knew I had to have it. Like love at first sight I simply couldn’t order anything else on the menu. The BBQ Bourbon Salmon ($30) comes with a warm fired potato and bacon salad with rocket. I absolutely love love love salmon. I choose to have my salmon cooked rare to medium-rare which is exactly how It was served to me. The flavour was like a delicate dance between the smokiness of bourbon and the natural sweetness of salmon. The salad sounds like it’s a potato salad of sorts, but its actually quite a light salad that works really well with the salmon.

If at this point you are not already in need of nap from the amount of food you have eaten, the dessert menu at Side Door BBQ is really good as well. The Chocolate Brownie S’more and Keylime Pie are really decadent, but not too heavy. Just a really great way to finish of a spectacular brunch.

Side Door BBQ is open from 5:30pm to 10pm Monday to Wednesday, 11am to 10pm Thursday and Friday, and 9am to 10pm on weekends.

Disclaimer: foodie cravings was invited as a guest of Side Door BBQ. 


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