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Indian food is delicious and it’s often a cuisine I want to eat but it requires a bit too much effort from me in the kitchen. So the discovery of Patak’s range is brilliant as it’s super easy to use. Enjoyable Indian food can be made at home using their range of sauces, spice pastes, chutneys, breads and pappadums. For over 50 years, Patak’s has been sharing their recipes and it’s obvious to see why they have such a strong hold in family kitchens.

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I tried Patak’s Tandoori Spice Paste ($5.49), Assorted Pappadums ($4.09), Mango Chutney ($4.95) and Eggplant Pickle ($6.39). I’ve used their Butter Chicken several times so I was keen to see how the Tandoori would fare. A quick scan on the back of the jar for instructions told me all I needed to know. What really impressed me is the ease in which dinner could be made, I just needed to supply chicken and yoghurt.

Pataks chicken yoghurt

It couldn’t be any simpler, add the paste and yoghurt to the chicken, allow to marinade then cook when ready. Although they suggest BBQ-ing for the authentic smoky flavour, I just used the stove and it still tasted wonderful. The chicken was moist and although pleasantly spiced, mild enough for my 3 year old to enjoy too. With Patak’s blend of 8 spices, their tandoori chicken was a real hit in our household and something I will add to my repertoire of dinners.

Pataks Tandoori chicken

The condiments to the meal were great although they packed a bit of heat. The mango chutney was labeled mild and is deliciously blended with cumin and coriander. There is a kick of chilli as an after taste though so beware. I usually love spicy food but have eaten a lot less of it since having children. The eggplant pickle (medium chilli) was also high on the heat metre for me but they suggest mixing it up with yoghurt or sour cream, which I will try next time.

Pataks cooking chicken

What I love about Patak’s products is there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Sometimes when using jar products, there’s an obvious taste and you can tell the food has been store bought. Patak’s however, taste natural and all they’ve done is remove the work by blending the spices for you.

Pataks Final meal

Now being a fan of Patak’s ready to eat mini pappadums, I normally delve into a packet of their plain variety but I am actually excited to discover they have an assorted packet. A mix of plain, cracked pepper and spicy cumin, it is the perfect accompaniment for your Patak’s meal or you can be like me and just eat them by the hand full whenever you desire. I like that no frying is required and they taste as crisp and crunchy as if you’d made them yourself.

Patak’s range can be found at the larger supermarkets and some specialty stores. Check out or to find out more.


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