Recipe videos coming soon to foodie cravings


Coming soon to foodie cravings is a series of video recipes that my friend Charlotte and I have been filming in my kitchen!

I met Charlotte at a Your Inspiration at Home (YIAH) cooking demo years back and have been buying her products ever since. There’s a few that I use all the time and others that sit in my pantry because they fell in the “I don’t know what to do with this / too hard” basket. Every time I saw Charlotte I gained new inspiration and remembered again how easy it was to make new flavoursome home cooked meals and snacks without much effort. So this is where our idea to create this series of foodie cravings recipe videos began.

Each time we post a new video recipe, we will also be giving away the YIAH product featured in the recipe to two foodie cravings readers.

Watch this space x


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I have foodie cravings all the time and sometimes at very odd hours, hence the name of this food blog, where I share my love for food and appliances that save me time in the kitchen. I also own Crust Mount Lawley with my burger eating half burger boy and am a mum to two girls - junior burger and baby cravings.

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