Some nights I just want to EatNow and not talk to anyone


Whoever came up with the idea of online takeaway and home delivery – you rock!

Last night was one of those nights where I just wanted dinner to effortlessly appear in my kitchen! junior burger had decided to let us sleep in which was pretty awesome considering it was a cold morning and pretty snuggly in bed. But like everything, there’s always a trade off for cool wins like this. Yep it took me a good hour and a half to get her to bed last night. After singing “Wheels on the bus” like a broken record for the millionth time, the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner!

So it was pretty good timing that I was approached by EatNow website earlier in the week to have dinner on them – yep hassle free online ordering with no human interaction except for the delivery driver.

EatNow website

I’m a regular EatNow customer and often order through their website. I’ve had almost every cuisine that delivers to my area now 🙂 Last night I tried Vietnamese from Lemongrass Vietnamese & Thai Restaurant, the time before I had Nepalese from Mo:Mo’s Nepalese Restaurant and almost every other time I’ve order two servings of butter chicken, chicken tikka and heaps of naan from my favourite Saffron Indian Restaurant in Inglewood.

Love love the Indian food at Saffron - best local discovery!

I received my Lemongrass order in under 45 minutes as per the SMS I received from EatNow and the delivery driver was respectful of my note to not wake junior burger on arrival. I am however pretty fussy with my Vietnamese food as my mum cooks amazing Vietnamese. I ordered rice paper rolls ($7 for two), satay chicken skewers ($8 for three), a Vietnamese caramel clay pot ($18) and honey lemon chicken (11.50) for burger boy. The rice paper rolls was the only dish I enjoyed, the others lacked flavour and the clay pot was a bit oily.

Lemongrass-Vietnamese-Thai-Restaurant-Entrees Lemongrass-Vietnamese-Thai-Restaurant-Lemon-Honey-Chicken


What I love about ordering through EatNow is that I get to try local restaurants that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Some are hits like MoMo and Saffron, others like last night’s dinner from Lemongrass Vietnamese & Thai Restaurant were misses but for the convenience of home delivery & not talking to anyone I’m always happy to give the newbies a go.

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