Reuniting with Sorrento Italian restaurant thanks to YumTable


My family and friends often say that my mind runs a million miles an hour and in all sorts of random tangents. On Tuesday, on my way to The Brown Fox’s Cider & Slider night, I had one of those moments.

I had been approached by YumTable last week to write a sponsored post about their new restaurant booking and discount app. I had already used up all my “me time” with my mum and burger boy already looking after junior burger a couple of nights last week so I couldn’t really go out another night. So my options were to either (1) eat twice in the one night, OR (2) book lunch and take junior burger with me during the week.

I am so glad that Mahara, my foodie partner in crime, had an appetite as good as mine as extending my night out was definitely the preferred option. Before The Brown Fox’s cider & slider night started, I quickly logged onto YumTable with my facebook account and checked out Perth restaurants close by.

Sorrento Italian restaurant in Northbridge had a special offer where all YumTable bookings received up to $25 off the total bill which swayed my booking their way. Plus it’s been years since I last visited so it was a nice reunion 🙂


Being a part of an Italian family and my mother-in-law cooking the best pasta going around, I am fussy when it comes to my Italian food, especially pasta. I often don’t eat Italian out for this reason but I am really happy we chose to have a second dinner at Sorrento as the Italian food was authentic and full of flavour.

I had the entree size Spaghetti Seafood Marinara ($18) which was one of the “lighter” pasta options on the menu…


My seafood marinara had plenty of fresh seafood, spaghetti was cooked al dente and the sauce was light but tasty.

Mahara had the entree sized Penne Polpette ($16)…


Mahara loved her pasta, she said the pork meatballs were firm, tomato pasta sauce had a hint of chilli and fresh basil.

I must say by this stage we were really stretching our appetites but couldn’t resist dessert 🙂 We managed to squeeze in the Ferraro Roche Brandy Snaps and Panna Cotta.

The panna cotta ($8.50) had a nice creamy vanilla taste and was firm enough to spoon (I prefer it this way). The berry coulis was sweet without being overpowering and finished off the panna cotta beautifully.


I am glad that we shared the Ferraro Roche Brandy Snaps ($12.50) as it was pretty rich. The brandy snap was thick and crunchy with a sugary sweet taste. The chocolate and hazelnut ice cream tasted just like Ferraro Roche chocolate.


The service was quick, genuinely friendly and it costed just over $40 for pasta and dessert which included a 25% saving for booking through YumTable! It was also a bonus that Sorrento have students from WAAPA playing live jazz every Tuesday as it added to the atmosphere.

It was an awesome night out, we had three courses (sliders at The Brown Fox being our first!), a great catch up and was home by 8:30pm! I am so happy stumbled across Sorrento on YumTable and to be reunited with this authentic Perth Italian restaurant – I’ll be back!


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Disclaimer: this post is supported by YumTable, please refer to foodie cravings disclosure policy for more details. 


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