Exploring Perth like a tourist on foodi’s dessert & cupcake walking tour


burger boy, junior burger & I were invited to foodi’s cupcake & dessert walking tour at the beginning of this month.

We met our energetic host Ripley Saviel in Russel Square  and then spent the next few hours with a group of tourists exploring the sweets of Perth from a traveller’s perspective.

We loved the mystery of not knowing where we were headed next so I won’t spoil it. These are pics from some of the sweet spots we visited…

Even though I knew what awaited, I felt a sense of intrigue and excitement walking down Lock Lane to our second foodie dessert stop and I loved that foodi’s tour reminded me of what a sweet spot Tea for Tu was for afternoon tea…


Not to mention I was pleasantly surprised by EAT’s hot dog pop up…


Although not part of our foodi cupcake & dessert tour, burger boy and I had to have one. I was sold when I heard cheese sauce was available. This is the same hot dog which was featured in my October / November Top 5 Perth Eats


As we were scoffing down our hot dogs, the foodi tour host did question whether we had lunch, which I cheekily responded that the hot dogs would line our stomachs for dessert 🙂 I thought I had proven her wrong when I easily fitted in my brownie and madeleine immediately after my hot dog at Tea for Tu…


I’ve been back since for the madeleines which are even better toasted!

I shamefully ate my words when I couldn’t fit my caramel popcorn cupcake at foodi dessert stop #4…


I’m now thinking I should have used the strawberry milkshake as my excuse for the lack of space rather than the hot dog 🙂

By the end of the tour, I was buzzing with sugar and feeling super proud of our city. It was our host’s enthusiasm and love for Perth that made all the difference. Even as a local Perth food blogger, I found the tour fun and loved that I tasted desserts from some venues I wouldn’t have otherwise visited.

foodi’s cupcake and dessert walking tours are $49 per person and held Saturdays at 1pm. For the tastings we received and the fun day we had, I’d happily recommend foodi’s tour to tourists visiting Perth or locals who don’t venture into the city often. To find out more or book a foodi tour, check out foodi’s website.


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