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I’ve been home heaps recovering from the birth of junior burger and settling into our new lifestyle so my August / September Top Perth Eats are all about take-away foods. If you’ve been following me on facebook, twitter or instagram you’ll notice just after the birth of junior burger I was craving a whole lot of cold meats (I was eating cold meats daily for three weeks!) and before junior burger I was constantly craving brioche burgers.

Top 5 Perth Eats

#1 The Boss burger ($15 ) from BB A Pop Up in Mt Lawley. I can’t get enough of the burgers here – I’d love these guys to become a permanent fixture! It’s normally burger boy who craves burgers but there’s just something special about BB – huge call I know but it’s currently my fav Perth burger bar.


Inside the brioche bun is a sensational combo of beef, bacon, cheese, smoky mayo, smoky BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion. This burger is just so tasty!

Since my first bite in July, I’ve been back several times for The Boss – the strawberry milkshake is amazing too. It was also the first takeaway I had once home from the hospital. Full review will be up soon – although I must say my “soon” has become weeks of late as it’s hard to find some solid hours to blog without sacrificing my sleep which I need to keep up with junior burger!

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#2 The continental roll from The Dutch Butcher in Welshpool is AMAZING!! A large foot long continental roll is $10.50 and a small which is the size of any continental roll you’d get elsewhere is $9.50.


The bread roll is soft, there’s plenty of cold meats and I love the creamy mayo.

Little Miss Bacon (my brother’s fiance) who delivered this continental roll to me said there’s always lines at The Dutch Butcher with some people walking away with at least two continental rolls. Little Miss Bacon’s guess is because people travel all the way to Welshpool for The Dutch Butcher’s continental rolls so they make the most of their drive 🙂

What makes The Dutch Butcher’s continental rolls stand out from the rest is that the meat and bread rolls are made on the premises.

The Dutch Butchers Lunch Bar & Cafe on Urbanspoon

#3 Charlies continental roll – burger boy’s mum delivered this continental roll to me in hospital. Charlies continental rolls has always been one of the go-to places for my cold meat fix.


Charlies continental roll’s bread is crunchy but still easy to bite through and there’s plenty of mixed meats. I also love the antipasto combo – together with the cold meats, this conti just tastes amazing and it’s super filling!

Charlies is hands down home to the best cold meats/pasta in Perth. Now that I can drive I’ll be heading there next week for my cold meat & conti fix!!

Think a blog post about the best continental rolls in Perth is in order!!!

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#4 BBQ pork (char sieu) from Hong Kong BBQ House on Francis Street in Northbridge. The BBQ and roast pork here is super tender and tasty. My mum who is super picky with her Asian food reckons this is the best BBQ pork house in Perth – I think she’s right!


On a side note, BBQ pork always reminds me of my childhood. When we were little, my working mum juggled a few jobs and always used to buy take away. BBQ pork, Chinese food from Wah Doh in Tuart Hill, KFC and Hungry Jacks were a weekly occurance. The going joke is that my brother & I are the height/size we are because of KFC 🙂

Hong Kong BBQ House on Urbanspoon

#5 Singapore Chicken Rice’s char kway teow $10 at the Coventry Markets. My family picked up a feast from Coventry Markets in Morley the second weekend I was home from hospital. This char kway teow was full of flavours – I just wished they’d fill the container as it was that good and I couldn’t get enough.

Singapore-Chicken-Rice- char-kway-teow-morley

On a side note, I love that Coventry Markets has somewhat become the North of the River’s “Spencer Village”.

Singapore Chicken Rice on Urbanspoon

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  1. LOVE the Dutch Butcher! It's close to where I work, so I enjoy their ham salad rolls often. They're so big I usually have some left for afternoon tea. Their croquettes are delish too :)

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