Sunshine Cafe – casual Mt Lawley lunch bar with Vietnamese food


Since spending more time in Mount Lawley at our business during the day of late, Sunshine Café has become my latest go-to cafe or a quick lunch take-away.

burger boy has been a regular at Sunshine Cafe for awhile and to be honest it did surprise me the few times I’ve spotted him enjoying a banh mi (Vietnamese bread roll with meats & pickled vegetables) as he usually picks more Western lunch options when he is on the run. The usual suspects being Grill’d, Nandos, Subway or Zambrero.

The banh mi at Sunshine Cafe from memory was about $7 which is average in the metro area, if you are willing to travel to the suburbs you can get one for around $5. The bread was easy to bite into and most importantly fresh. There was plenty of meat and not too much mayo (when there’s too much mayo it leaves me a sickly after feeling). The banh mi at Sunshine Cafe is a great metro option especially when I don’t have the time to make the trek to Ben Thanh in Mirrabooka.


I had heard from friends and family that Sunshine Cafe’s pho is good but until recently they were only serving pho on weekends so I never got around to trying it. So despite being a pretty tough pho critic thanks to my mum who has mastered hers over the years, I thought for a quick take-away it was worth a try.

I took away a pho tai bo vien (noodles with beef and beef balls) which was around $13 from memory. The beef broth is key with pho and I thought Sunshine Cafe’s had a nice sweet flavour which to me indicates that the broth had been cooked with good quality bones with enough meat. There were plenty of beef and beef balls and I liked that the take-away bowl made it easy to eat without mess. The noodles were thinner than what I like but overall it was a good pho to have especially on the go.


My favourite Vietnamese restaurant for pho other than my mum’s place is Phong Vinh next to the Moon in Northbridge but Sunshine Cafe is much easier to access for parking and super convenient being down the road from burger boy and I’s business.

This is my mum’s pho, she cooks her broth for 13 hours and she’s not shy with the meat…

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