WIN 1 of 3 Cafe 26 salad dressing & marinade packs (closed)


19/6/14 post update – Winners of my Café 26 Salad Dressing competition are Sam Greenwald, Simon and Sharon Fawcett. Thank you everyone for providing me with awesome post ideas for foodie cravings and my newsletter.

To celebrate WA Day I have Cafe 26’s salad dressings & marinade packs to giveaway to 3 foodie cravings readers (each pack contains three 250ml sample bottles). Cafe 26 is a family business based in Perth, for those of you who remember these guys initially started out in 1999 with a small cafe in Subiaco.

Cafe 26 Salad Dressings and Marinades

Cafe 26 product range: Caesar salad dressing, Oriental salad dressing, BBQ rib marinade, Smokey BBQ Rib marinade, Tangy salad dressing and my fav Original salad dressing

To WIN 1 of 3 Cafe 26 packs simply tell me what you’d like to see featured in my newsletter foodie cravings musings by 18/6, this is yesterday’s musings:


foodie cravings musings has always been linked to my RSS feed to ensure you are the first to know about new foodie cravings blog posts. I’d love to know what else you’d like to see!

Mine and burger boy’s mum have been using Cafe 26’s Original salad dressing since we were kids. I never really paid much attention to where these dressings were produced, as a kid all that mattered was that they tasted great.

It was only my recent involvement with Taste Great Southern Food & Wine Festival and Buy West Eat Best’s WA Signature Dish competition that I gained a real appreciation for Western Australia’s amazing food and produce.

The other night I whipped up a quick salad to go with the BBQ burger boy cooked up and I must say I still love the Original salad dressing which has a seeded mustard base and a small amount of olive oil…


I also marinated pork spare ribs using Cafe 26’s BBQ marinade, it was super quick and a nice supper after work with a side of steamed rice.

Cafe 26’s salad dressing and marinade range can be found mainly in Western Australia at independently owned super markets including IGA, individual green grocers, cafes and gourmet butchers. They are also available in some retailers in South Australia and online via their website.

Competition T&Cs

  • foodie cravings Cafe 26 competition is open nationally.
  • Three foodie cravings reader who has commented here with what they would like to see featuring in foodie cravings musings will be randomly selected to win a Cafe 26 salad and marinade pack valued at $20 each.
  • Competition closes midnight 18/6/14 and the winner will be notified by email / announced on foodie cravings facebook page and twitter 19/6/14. If the winning reader doesn’t respond within 72 hours with their contact details, foodie cravings will redraw the competition and notify new winners.

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I have foodie cravings all the time and sometimes at very odd hours, hence the name of this food blog, where I share my love for food and appliances that save me time in the kitchen. I also own Crust Mount Lawley with my burger eating half burger boy and am a mum to two girls - junior burger and baby cravings.


  1. I think what I would like to see the most in the foodie cravings musings newsletter is a list of burger boy's favourite casual eating places. :)
  2. I'd like to see some pictures! You always take lovely appetizing pictures so maybe a few of them with links to the blog post. Yum! Xx
  3. Please DON'T pump the newsletter full of images ... I love the fact that your newsletters aren't image heavy and don't take an age to load. :D I guess the 'more blog posts' could be improved by changing them to 'you might also like' type of posts. However, I realise that that might be difficult to implement for the email & also might direct readers to older content which you might not want to do.
    • Thanks Alex, very thorough feedback and exactly what I was after. I think the “you might also like type post” could be a manual section of the newsletter that I could do every so often.
  4. I'd love to see some top dishes from Perth restaurants recreated so we can all follow the recipe and serve them at home. I'm from Melbourne so it would be refreshing to be able to indulge the senses rather than just look at the photos!
    • I’m not huge on buffets but the family are Melissa so I’ll keep that in mind that you’re interested in reading about buffets :) my first buffet review went up today
      • Melissa Jones on
        I'm looking forward to your buffet review. I tried my local buffet, but left with disappointment. If WA has great buffet, I will travel there with my family to give it a go when we're on holiday :)
  5. Jennifer Robertson on
    It could be fun to do some blind tastings. Invite friends over. Order take-away from more than one venue and have a taste-off
  6. This may be too specific, but I'd love to see comparisons like the top five places for chocolate mousse or sushi or burgers or a really good rare steak.
    • Thanks Merryl, comparisons across my Top 5 Perth eats by cuisine or eats is an awesome blog post. Thinking might be something I can work on when my junior burger is out & about and more time is spent at home than eating out.
  7. sam greenwald on
    I’d like to see some pictures! You always take lovely appetizing pictures so maybe a few of them with links to the blog post. Yum! Xx
    • Cheers Sam, will add this to my to do list :) have always wanted to feature a couple of photos but could never get it to work automatically in MailChimp
  8. I would love to see gourmet recipes that can be easily done at home. Or I would love to see more delicious but affordable cafes in Sydney.
    • Thanks Marika, when junior burger is out and about I’ll def consider featuring some recipes. Sydney cafes might be a bit difficult for me though being based in Perth.
  9. Maybe some content about which places to avoid in Perth and better alternatives. There are plenty of overpriced, overhyped places.
  10. Caroline Kelly on
    I would like to see more food and drink pairings and what fresh fruit and vegetables are in season for the best meal selections.
  11. Match up 3 course meal ideas-I know its been done by others by I believe ideas here would be original and more to the average person's (that's me :) ) liking
  12. Wacky ice cream flavours! As much as I love chocolate, sometimes flavours such as caramel pop-corn or carrot cake sounds fun!
  13. Becky Downey on
    I have 2 ideas. Hidden gem vegetarian restaurants. And one thing I love / mouth waters - hot, spicy tomato chutneys / relishes. Yum, which is best?
  14. I'd like to see a post about Perth for tourists. What places are must-visit, the best restaurants, cafes, etc for people who are travelling over to Perth.
  15. Recipes from some of each city's most loved food trucks - it's a trend that is so scrumptious and fun!
  16. My sister in law is vegetarian and we're always on the look out for great vego restaurants or at least places that have a really good selection of veg options that we can take her out to. So I'd love to see a list of places that cover that!
  17. I'd love to see a blog about the best places to eat spicy food - whether that's a pho, something Mexican or a really delicious curry - Sure this blog would be popular! :)