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WA Signature Dish  - Perth and SurroundsIf you’ve been following my WA’s Signature Dish musings you’ll know how excited I was to watch foodie cravings reader Rhiannon Birch win the Perth & Surrounds Regional Final. Rhiannon cooked up a storm and impressed the judges with her Gluten Free Lupin and Za’atar Crumbed Droper Lamb Cutlets with Moroccan Roast Pumpkin and Lupin Salad dish.

Last week I chatted to Fraser’s Functions & Restaurants Executive Chef, Chris Taylor, who has been mentoring Rhiannon in the lead up to the WA’s Signature Dish Grand Final about his involvement with WA’s Signature Dish and his use of local WA produce for his restaurants…

How have you been mentoring Rhiannon to help her win the crown of WA’s Signature Dish?

chris-taylor_240pxI’ve been spending time with Rhiannon discussing the ingredients, their uses and their prominence in the dish as well as some technique, presentation and cooking times.

There’s been a lot of discussion around the cost of using WA produce, how do you offset this cost for your restaurants?

The cost of ingredients has always been an issue but using non-prime cuts of beef and lamb, being clever with the cooking technique and making the old boring ingredients sexy and interesting through introducing combinations, dressings, pickles and seasonings.

What’s your favourite dish to cook and why?

At the moment it would be seafood or fish as well as grains – I love the variety and versatility.

What inspired you to become a Chef?

I love making people happy through food and enjoy working with the real foodies, growers and farmers.

Rhiannon tells me that Chris “has fine tuned her recipe a lot” – I look forward to seeing her final dish at the cook off on WA Day!

WA’s Signature Dish Grand Final will be held at the Perth Cultural Centre at 12pm on WA Day, Monday 2 June as part of Celebrate WA’s WA Day – Come Out and Play festivities which kick off at 10am.

WA’s Signature Dish musings on foodie cravings…

To find out more about WA’s Signature Dish visit the Buy West Eat Best website.

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