BossMan Coffee – introducing my mum to real coffee


I used to have a minimum of two coffees a day from LowDown Espresso Bar  back when I was working in the city so I was pretty excited to hear that the same guys behind LowDown partly owned BossMan Coffee. And even more excited that they opened 3 weeks after I finished up at my corporate role which meant I only had a short gap without their amazing coffee. Side note: I had been drinking LowDown coffee 5 days a week for three years.

So yesterday before going Mother’s Day shopping, I decided it was time to introduce my mum, an ex-instant coffee drinker who has recently gained a greater appreciation for quality coffee, to BossMan.

Coffee at BossMan is $4 for a regular and $4.50 for a large which is reasonable in Mt Lawley…


I’m always picking up take-away coffee from BossMan but today I also had this Greek spinach pie, Spanakopita for brunch…


Taste-wise it’s similar to my favourite Tom’s Greek at the Subiaco Farmers Market which is great as BossMan is closer to home.

Mum had this almond moon biscuit with her coffee…


burger boy’s nanna makes these almond moon biscuits really well and so does his Greek aunt so we had a good comparison to go by. Mum thought BossMan’s almond biscuit texture was similar to burger boy’s Aunty’s but just a bit denser which she said made it filling despite being fairly small in size.

BossMan has a hipster feel with dim lighting, wooden furnishings and even the team look a bit funky. The only downside at BossMan is that it’s cash only which means if I’ve only got a card on me I tend to head over to Cantina 663. Whilst the downside of getting take-away coffee from Cantina 663 is that I often feel like I’m standing or sitting in the way of seated diners.


If you haven’t already tried BossMan, it’s a must if you love quality coffee. It is located in the same arcade as Grill’d and Mr Munchies.

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