The Stables Bar – one of my fav Perth bars & go-to place for gnocchi!


I’ve been forever meaning to write about The Stables Bar, but it seems I always happen to eat there when the business was super busy or my day job at the time was full on. So after dinner with mushie the other week, I was absolutely determined to blog about our evening.

At The Stables Bar I always feel welcome regardless of what time, day or how busy they are. Last Tuesday, mushie and I arrived just after 8pm. The friendly waiter told us straight up to take our time and reassured us that the kitchen was open (huge win being a Tuesday in Perth!). He knew The Stables Bar menu well and was able to help us decide on our dishes.

This mocktail version of a mojito as recommended by our waiter was so good I almost didn’t miss the alcohol! So glad I went with his recommendation instead of following mushie with her cloudy apple drink choice.


I had a pretty big slice of lasagna at 5pm so I was only feeling like something light so despite absolutely loving their panfried gnocchi, I went for the red pepper filled with chorizo paella (second dish featured in the below image). For $14 it was pretty good value, plus it was light and tasty, just what I felt like…


Mushie had the lamb cutlets (first dish featured in the above image) and we shared a bowl of hand cut chips. The well salted chips were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside… 


The Stables Bar has a diverse affordable menu and what I love is that the Chef is more than happy to adapt their dishes to suit diners. Being a bit fussy means I often want to have certain ingredients replaced/removed and I usually get disheartened by certain venues. I completely understand that it is sometimes just not operationally possible to make changes to standard menu items but when a venue takes that extra effort it just adds so much more to my experience.

Going down memory lane, on one of my first visits to The Stables Bar, the Chef changed up their gnocchi dish for me because I didn’t eat three of the ingredients. Rather than refusing to make any changes or just removing the ingredients, the Chef made me a brand new gnocchi dish. It wasn’t just a simple swap of ingredients either and I knew thought had been put into that new dish for me on the spot.

I was so impressed and have been going back to The Stables Bar ever since, although not as often as I would like since I stopped working in the Perth CBD.


My last visit before this visit was with 20 of my colleagues for my day job’s farewell lunch, these are some of the pics I managed to capture before they were devoured…

The Stables Bar is one of my favourite Perth venues. What sets The Stables Bar apart is their personal service and I LOVE their food! I prefer to head there when it’s quieter for lunch or a week night dinner rather than a Friday night when it’s a bit rowdy. Well worth a visit if you haven’t been already.

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  1. Went to the Stables bar last night 25/4/2015 Anzac day to have a beer with other service men from the Tenth light horse when a highly respected ex service man grabbed a chip of one of the the plates of another mates plate,only to be told to finish his drink {his first beer} and get out. When questioned what was going on he was pounced upon by two thugs{the doormen} with arms twisted and pinned behind his back and escorted outside.This Man has put his hand up to defend our country and fight for our freedom and was with his mates celebrating a special day only to be treated like this by a couple of steroid injecting thugs. I can't believe how heartless they were and we will not be going there again. " BLOODY DISGRACEFUL"

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