Looking back at 2013 – for the love of food, it was worth it!


For those of you who read my post about my huge lifestyle change “Doing what I love all the time”, you would have noticed a change in my facebook, twitter and instagram foodie pics. They are now featuring Perth eats outside of the CBD and during the day rather than evenings. Continental rolls have also made a huge appearance of late and burger boy & I have managed to get away a little bit more during the week – we went down south last week and Singapore is booked for my 30th in March.

I thought that leaving my full time day job would mean I would have an extra 8 hours and that I would be bored without the regular routine. I am excited to say that it was all worth it and life is more interesting than ever! Leaving the day job has opened up new opportunities and it’s been so awesome to be able to spend all my time and passion on foodie cravings and burger boy & I’s business.

For foodie cravings, 2013 has seen this blog evolve and change. My blog’s focus is now more about sharing what I crave and love about the Perth food scene as well as the foodies who inspire me.

Some of the key additions to foodie cravings in 2013 include:

Top 5 Perth Eats & News – a monthly post featuring my favourite foodie finds.
Latest Perth Foodie News & Events – here you will find mostly unique events and news submitted directly to foodie cravings by Perth foodie business owners. I always review all listings for relevance before publishing and sharing.
• foodie cravings in the kitchen – as you all know I’ve been trying to cook more so in 2013 I created a special foodie cravings in the kitchen facebook album dedicated to my home cooking and also a cooking basics page with tips I find useful for beginner cooks like myself.

My Top 5 most read blog posts in 2013 were:

1. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in Perth – everyone wants to know where to find Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!
2. Korean BBQ week starting at Took Bae Kee  – I went a bit crazy for Korean food towards the end of 2012 and ate at three Korean restaurants in the week, looks like Korean food in 2013 was popular!
3. Trying Polish food for the first time at the Cracovia Club’s restaurant – there’s not a lot of Perth Polish restaurants so no surprises my Cracovia Club post was of interest
4. My mum’s mango pudding recipe – my mum took months to perfect her mango pudding recipe as she couldn’t find the perfect recipe, I am excited that it’s being enjoyed by others
5. No. 4 Blake Street, my first French degustation – if I was to go for French food anywhere, it’d be No.4 Blake Street or Crown Perth’s Bistro Guillaume

As for burger boy and I’s foodie business, my extra time towards the end of 2013 meant that I could spend more time in the business getting to know our team and learning how to make & cut pizzas. Our Crust store in Mount Lawley officially turns 2 this Thursday 23 January – what an amazing journey it has been. I still remember the first week questioning whether we had made the right decision going into the food industry with little food experience (besides eating) – if you ask us today, we wouldn’t give it up for anything. burger boy and I love what we do, it was completely worth the long hours / hard work.

My extra time has also meant that I have been able to get further involved in the Beaufort Street community. On Monday, I’ll be going to my first Beaufort Street Network committee meeting and the Beaufort Street Festival is always good fun. With more time to plan – we had a pretty smooth festival day in 2013.

We had astro turf, keg chairs, free freedom wifi, an Upper Crust dining table (yep with wheels, pedals and all) and I can’t resist a good pizza challenge! We captured our crust pizza challenges at the 2013 Beaufort Street Festival in this video thanks to Jeremiah of Yellow Tree Pictures

The winner of our quickest pizza eating competition, Josh, actually expressed his interest to be a pizza challenge contestant via foodie cravings. Turns out Josh was the National Outback Jack 2013 1kg steak winner – he finished his pizza before the other contestants even got through half!

I’m also very proud that my mum’s original mango pudding recipe (which was also one of my most popular 2013 blog posts) made it into Beaufort Street Festival’s 2013 Recipes & Ramblings cookbook…

foodie cravings mum's mango pudding recipe

What an amazing 2013 we had – bring on 2014!


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