Top 5 Perth Eats & News – December


I was a bit indulgent in December, following my cravings and eating whatever my stomach / eyes desire. Could say I was getting into the festive spirit early 🙂

Top 5 Perth Eats

#1 Del Basso Smallgoods continental roll – burger boy and I were busy doing errands on a week day (working in the hospitality industry, Monday and Tuesdays have become our weekend) and on the go we always crave a good continental roll. I was excited to discover Del Basso Smallgoods in Osborne Park – you can pick up a pre-made continental roll to go or have one made up fresh. The bread was crunchy yet easy to bite through, the mixed meats were tasty and there was plenty of filling. These guys also have EFTPOS and there’s a few tables outside to sit & enjoy your roll.


You’ll find Del Basso Smallgoods on 4 Frobisher Road in Osborne Park and they are only open during the week for lunch.

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#2 Scents of Taste toffee eclair – oh my gosh this eclair was just amazing.. mmm cream sandwiched between toffee. I was on a bit of a sugar high after sharing half of this with one of my staff – though I’m tempted to have one to myself next time as it was so good!


You’ll find Scents of Taste on 80 Walcott Street in Mt Lawley.

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#3 Mr Drummond’s Food organic crumpets “The Royale” at the Subiaco Farmer Markets – after tasting these crumpets, I don’t think I can go back to having packet crumpets. Topped with blueberries, whipped ricotta and honey goodness, the crumpets were fluffy and super yummy – had another sugar high after three of these 🙂


You’ll find Mr Drummond’s Food at the Subiaco Farmers Market.

#4 Good One BBQ’s barbecue pork & rice – I’ve been eating BBQ pork since I was a kid, my mum use to order take-away BBQ pork and roast pork every week so my BBQ pork expectations was high. I was excited that Good One BBQ lived up to my expectations – the pork was tender with little fat to chew through.


Next time I’m trying the BBQ pork noodle which my mum ordered – it looked amazing.

You’ll find Good One BBQ on 808 Albany Hwy in Victoria Park.

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#5 Baby Mammoth’s triple cooked roasted spuds in duck fat served with a house-made gravy. After talking way too much about food at my hairdressers at 7pm in the Perth CBD on a Thursday night, I found myself craving chips & gravy before dinners at mum’s.

Unsure where I could go besides KFC or drive to a shopping centre in suburbia, I asked foodie cravings tweeps and facebook fans where I could find chips & gravy in the Perth CBD. A bunch of suggestions came back including Baby Mammoth who said they’d go one better and make me these amazing roast potatoes which were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Oh and of course topped with gravy!


It was probably the most random thing I’ve done, driving from the city to Northbridge to have “chips & gravy” before an amazing home cooked meal at my mum’s. I’ll be heading to Baby Mammoth again to try out the rest of their soul food – hopefully by then they will have their small bar liquor license too.

You’ll find Baby Mammoth at Unit 2, 305 William Street in Northbridge opposite the new Central Tafe building.

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Top 5 Perth New Year’s Eve events to celebrate the beginning of 2014!


  1. Midnight in Paris – New Year’s Eve at Must Wine Bar 
  2. Print Hall’s NY Party
  3. New Year’s Eve Celebración at Public House!
  4. 1907’s Sizzling New Year’s Eve Celebrations
  5. New Years Eve at The Aviary

Check out my What’s On in Perth guide for all the details and to keep up to date with new Perth events & news as they are submitted by Perth food businesses. And watch this space for my 2013 all-time Top 5 Perth Eats! 


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  1. Dear Michelle, The continental roll looks good although I guess it's easy to replicate at home with good quality ingredients so I tend not to order these at cafes. I came across a fantastic chicken pie in Tuck Shop Cafe during my last trip. I recommend that highly.
  2. Duck fat potatoes ARE the best form of potato in the world. (just not the best for your arteries!) I'm still waiting on Mr Drummonds GF version of these guys all go on about how amazing they are and I wont deny I am very jealous!

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