SBS Feast Magazine giveaway & interview with Editor Alix Clark (closed)


22/12 post update: Thanks everyone for entering my SBS Feast competition and sharing your one must-have food at your Christmas feast. Congrats to Alex and Caroline Kelly you’ve both won a SBS Feast Magazine 6 month subscription each! 

Alex’s one must have at her Christmas feast are “Prawns. Every year my dad gets the option to buy some super fresh prawns (frozen on the boat, either green or cooked) & brought straight to Adelaide. Across our whole family about 15kg of prawns gets bought so I just couldn’t imagine a Christmas without them!”

Caroline’s one must have at her Christmas feast are “Christmas themed (sliced strawberries and kiwi fruit) pavlova topped with dollops of whipped cream resembling snow covered mountains.”


What’s your go-to magazine for foodie inspiration? SBS Feast is one of my favs so I’m excited to have two 6-month subscriptions to giveaway and an interview with Editor Alix Clark to share with foodie cravings readers.


To WIN 1 of 2 SBS Feast magazine subscriptions simply comment with what’s one must-have food at your Christmas feast. Competition is open to all foodie cravings readers with an Australian postal address and closes Saturday 21/12/13. Winners will be announced on foodie cravings facebook page and twitter Sunday 22/12/13.

I’ve always wanted to know what it’d be like to be an editor of a foodie magazine so I couldn’t help but ask Alix to describe what a typical day as a SBS Feast Editor was like…

“Not surprisingly it involves a lot of food – which means I always start the day with some exercise. Once I’m in the office I usually have a meeting with our Food Editor about features that are coming up and what dishes we’re thinking of featuring. We need to consider not only the cuisine, but whether those recipes work well together and also how they fit in with everything else that’s in the magazine that month.

We get sent all the new cookbooks so I’ll spend a bit of time looking through those – we run book extracts most months so are always on the lookout for books that will work for us. Throughout the day I’ll be receiving emails from PR companies about new products, restaurants, chefs and events.

We get invited to a lot of different events and spread the invites around the team – these range from a 10am demo of a new kitchen product to a 10-day trip overseas (and everything in between). If we have a photo shoot on I’ll usually head over to the photo studio to see how it’s looking (and taste the food, it’s important that I’ve got an idea of what everything looks like and tastes like before we run it in the magazine). Together with the designer, photographer, stylist and food preparation person, we’ll look at the shots and make sure everything is in line with the brief that the Art Director has created for that particular feature.

I work closely with our advertising team as well, so generally chat to them throughout the day about clients and campaigns that are coming up. If there’s not a lunch on, I’ll eat at my desk – or skip it all together as there’s a good chance I’ll be going out to dinner or an evening event. Like I said, it involves a lot of food!”


When I asked Alix what her Top 5 Eats were in Australia, she said… “That’s like choosing a favourite child! In general I enjoy casual dining and discovering suburban eateries that are family run and serving the food of their family background. It’s usually great food and wonderful stories as well.”

Alix’s Christmas feast will be “Very relaxed! We’ll be at a beach house and spending Christmas with friends and family – Christmas lunch will be a pot-luck affair. I’ll be taking a glazed ham – I love eating it on the day and I also love eating leftovers for the next week. Then that’s it – I’m done with ham for the rest of the year. Dessert will be a Heston Blumenthal Christmas pudding (which I was lucky enough to be given by Heston himself) and some homemade ice cream (which I am mad for right now).”

I’m always craving roast (everything except Turkey oddly) every Christmas. A Christmas recipe Alix craves… “Homemade cinnamon buns are always on the menu for our Christmas breakfast. I make them up the night before and then cook them fresh in the morning. Absolutely divine but definitely a once-a-year treat for us. Nougat is another Christmas recipe I always like to make plenty of – great for giving as gifts and having on hand for a sweet treat when guests drop in.”

Alix picks Korean food to be the hottest food trend in 2014…“I think that Korean food is really going to take off – Korean Fried Chicken is already appearing in various restaurants around town and I think we’ll be seeing more of that. Another big trend is making things from scratch – butter, cheese, pickles, sauces and even bacon. It’s simpler than you might think and very satisfying.”

What an amazing job Alix Clark has – I was absolutely craving Christmas foods by the end of our interview 🙂 I look forward to hearing all about that one Christmas recipe/food that you must-have at your Christmas feast.

Competition T&Cs

  • foodie cravings SBS Feast competition is open to all readers with an Australian postal address.
  • Two foodie cravings readers who have commented here with what’s Christmas food is a must-have at their Christmas feast will be randomly selected to win a 6-month SBS Feast magazine subscription.
  • Competition closes midnight Saturday 22/12/13 and winner will be notified by email / announced on foodie cravings facebook page and twitter Sunday 22/12/13. If the winning reader doesn’t respond within 72 hours with their postal details, foodie cravings will redraw the competition and notify new winners.

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  1. Oooh, being brought up Italian our "must have" (or my one anyway), is a giant tray of Nonna's lasagne. It doesn't matter that it's 40 degrees outside, unless I'm burning my mouth on layers of pasta, molten cheese & olive oil laden tomato sauce, it's just not Christmas!
  2. i have to have a roast turkey with stuffing and my family loves a glazed ham for which i do a different glaze every year.
  3. Prawns. Every year my dad gets the option to buy some super fresh prawns (frozen on the boat, either green or cooked) & brought straight to Adelaide. Across our whole family about 15kg of prawns gets bought so I just couldn't imagine a Christmas without them!
  4. It's not Xmas without the glazed ham- then it's ham for lunch, dinner and leftover ham for everyone for the next few days!
  5. Enjoyed the interview.. My Must have Food Item for the Xmas table is the turkey , only time of year and an absolute traditional and then i try to mix up the sides each year and have different cuisines mixed in ... but Turkey all the way ..!!
  6. Every year I make an icecream "plum puddding" it is full of glace fruit and is so delicious and no cooking needed. I also make a mini one at the same time, so I can indulge a few days later
  7. I love magazines, especially by subscription its like the gift that keeps on giving each month :) My must have food at the Christmas table is a big bowl of fresh plump red cherries, preferrably direct from the cherry farm to the table!
  8. Honey baked ham! Wait! I'd better check my blood pressure, I should go to the doctor. Seriously, I could die, time for more ham please! Plus some yummy Christmas damper, in wreath or star shape, served with lashings of butter, jam, honey or golden syrup.
  9. Caroline Kelly on
    Christmas themed (sliced strawberries and kiwi fruit) pavlova topped with dollops of whipped cream resembling snow covered mountains.
  10. A big bowl of boiled potato's sprinkled with lots of fresh dill and thinly chopped spring onions. I know it's nothing special, but to me this is the smell and taste of Christmas. Something we've all been enjoying since I was little, and a reminder of my Gran, who used to put on the most amazing Chrissy spread.
  11. I agree - Alix Clark has a great job! And I like her approach: food + stories. Hard brandy sauce is the must-have at our family Christmas, for Mum's pud. Every year we have a good laugh about the time our brother thought it was ice cream and tucked into it. Never gets old :)
  12. Traditional Christmas pudding- it's my very English grandmother's recipe from her grandmother (almost 200 years old) and amazingly delicious!
  13. Sticky date pudding - so I can pass out from a food coma and miss all the family hoo-haa that always results after everyone's had a few too many wines
  14. A big glazed ham! I don’t eat ham normally, so it’s an extra special treat for me – especially when it’s glazed with a sweet sticky sauce! YUM
  15. Chocolate orange spice cake with orange butter frosting is the must have dessert for our family Christmas lunch. The main meal may change due to the weather, but this decadent cake is *always* on the table on Christmas day.
  16. Renee Ballantyne on
    Fruit mince pies as we have a little fun we have with them. I am known for being able to put a whole full sized one in my mouth and eat it without spilling a crumb. Christmas wouldn't be the same without me doing my party trick each year :)
  17. Absolutely must have is a classic Aussie pavlova! With fresh cream, passionfruit, strawberry and kiwi fruit for a festive red, green, white, and gold effect.
  18. Christmas Pudding where each member of the family has contributed item or fruit or the brandy...its a truely family pudding
  19. Champagne's a food group (well, it is in MY book!) Like the ham and the turkey (both that I cook!) It's a festive feast essential that I'd NEVER overlook!
  20. On the first day of Christmas, my little loves said to me... Yummy vanilla sponge, fresh clotted cream and jelly times three!

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