What I couldn’t live without in my kitchen


From speaking to my friends, it seems that there’s an arrangement where one partner does the cooking and the other the dishes. In my house, burger boy manages the outside duties like mowing the lawn and taking the rubbish out whilst the kitchen is all mine – cooking and cleaning.

I’m a pretty messy cook, which isn’t cool when I have to clean up after myself! I have this tendency to use every single dish and pan possible. I’m even messier when I’m testing out a new recipe or in last week’s case, making an original brownies recipe from scratch – I had chocolate everywhere!



So you can imagine, when my dishwasher rack broke, I had mild panics. It is one of the top appliances in the kitchen I couldn’t live without! Good ole burger boy came to the rescue and just as he fixed it, some dishwasher cleaner and dishwasher tablets arrived thanks to Finish.

Last year I bought two massive boxes of Classic Finish Powerball from Groupon so that I would never run out…


Now I have these Finish Quantum Powerballs to use too…


What I like about Finish Quantum is that it’s wrapper free, which makes cleaning that little bit quicker and makes my dishes even shinier. I have tried using other dishwashing tablets before but found that it doesn’t clean as well.

I was looking through all my Kitchenware Superstore competition entries to see what you foodies couldn’t live without in the kitchen. Most quoted was a sharp knife and the trusty husband or partner who cleans 🙂 here’s the top 5…

# 1 – a sharp knife set 27%
#2 – husband/partner who cleans 22%
#3 – quality saucepans & frypans 21%
#4 – microwave 11%
#5 – the dishwasher and kettle drew at 10%

What can’t you live without in your kitchen?

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