My fav Nespresso Caramelito limited edition is here to stay!


If you’ve been following my facebook page, you would have noticed every dessert I’ve had of late has been filled with caramel. So I was pretty excited to hear that Nespresso’s caramel limited edition is here to stay with it’s new name Caramelito.

I was pleasantly surprised with this Nespresso package at my door after work the other week…

Nespresso caramel, vanilla & dark chocolate capsules here to stay

I knew Nespresso was making some of their most popular limited edition coffee blends a permanent addition but I didn’t know which ones. I had hoped that it would be the Caramel, Naora or Kazaar so I’m stoked one of my favourites made the cut!

I love that adding milk to the caramelito brings out the sweet caramel flavour as I love my lattes.

The limited edition Vanilla (aka Vanilio) and Dark Chocolate (aka Ciocattino) blends are also here to stay. For whatever reason my skin reacts to chocolate so I haven’t tried Ciocattino but the Vanilio is up there with the Caramelito – if you like your flavoured coffees you’ll enjoy the Vanilio.

Nespresso Caramelito, Vanilio and Cioccatino have an intensity level of 6 and can be found online or at any Nespresso Boutique (the Perth Nespresso boutique is on Murray Street in the city) for $8.40 a sleeve.

Nespresso Caramelito, Vanilio and Ciocattino here to stay

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