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Ordering home delivery is something burger boy and I haven’t done much of – I’ve ordered delivery twice in the last three years. Being so close to everything, we’re often eating out and take-away is even a limited occasion.

Ordering delivery wasn’t even in the dinner consideration set a couple of Thursday nights ago but burger boy wasn’t keen on venturing more than a few minutes to pick-up dinner so when we had our heart set on Indian & we saw that Saffron offered home delivery we were sold. Plus the menu looked really yummy and I had heard from a friend who lives in Inglewood that there was a great little Indian restaurant close by – I’m not sure if she was talking about Saffron but I was impressed.

To start we had the chicken tikka entrée $11.50 for 6 pieces of boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt, herb and spices…

Chicken tikka

The chicken tikka was so tender and tasty, I could have easily eaten the chicken without the yoghurt sauce!

The complimentary pappadums tasted great dipped in the yoghurt sauce…


We love our naan so we ordered two serves $3 each. They were nice & fluffy and not too oily…

Plain Naan

Whenever we have Indian food, we can never go past the butter chicken $15.90. Like the chicken tikka, the butter chicken was really tender. The sauce was creamy and sweet – burger boy couldn’t get enough of it!

This pic doesn’t do the butter chicken justice but once I got into it, I couldn’t stop to take another pic 😉

Butter chicken - the pic doesn't do this dish justice, it's amazing!!

The beef masala $15.90 is a messy dish so if you do order make sure you keep it in the bag or transfer it to another dish before serving. We did enjoy it and the beef was tender but I would order the butter chicken or the chicken tikka over this if I had to choose.

Beef Masala

We went through all our naan bread and burger boy had a couple of massive bowls of rice too – and burger boy still had leftovers for lunch the next day.

I don’t usually go crazy for Indian but since coming back from Bali and discovering Saffron Indian Restaurant I’ve been craving it all the time. For $42 including delivery, burger boy and I were both absolutely stuffed. Delivery takes about 40 minutes to an hour depending on the night and you can pay by credit card over the phone.

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