Crust WA slice concept launch, drinks at The Trustee & burgers at The Heritage


burger boy and I have been looking forward to the opening of Crust’s very first slice concept in Perth after seeing it in Westfield Sydney and were excited to attend the soft launch party last month. Located in Brookfield’s new City Square behind The Heritage & The Trustee on St George Terrace, you can’t miss the new Crust as you walk in to the glammed up food hall.

Crust Brookfield

The new city Crust store offers pizza slices, wraps and a range of gourmet salads catering to the business lunch market.

A slice of Crust’s Peri Peri Chicken pizza with a side of Greek salad ($9.90)…

Crust Brookfield peri peri chicken & greek salad

I’ve started to make up my own rolls from our own Crust store’s ingredients to bring into work for lunch so I thought the introduction of gourmet Crust lunch wraps for $6.90 was a great idea.

Crust vegetarian supreme wrap ($6.90)…

Crust Brookfield veggie supreme wrap

Being in such close proximity to The Trustee and The Heritage, there was no way I was going to go home after the launch without trying these new bars.

We checked out The Trustee first, we started with a couple of drinks with Crust Canning Vale franchisees Leith & Jodie…

Pinot Noir at The Trustee

I was eyeing off the pork belly on the bar menu but burger boy convinced me dinner wasn’t far away, so I opted for the fat chips which didn’t disappoint! The chip dip was delicious and I very much enjoyed the fat chips which were crispy on the outside and potatoey on the inside.

Chips at The Trustee

We then wandered off into the city in hope for a dinner at 9pm…Tony Roma’s was our first choice but we were disappointed to hear they closed at 9pm. We also tried calling Hawkers which rang out, so in great hunger we made our way back to the car and came across The Heritage. The Heritage staff told us they were serving dinner til 11:30pm so that was a huge win for us because we were close to heading back into Mount Lawley for Nandos or kebabs.

Initially, I felt that The Heritage staff weren’t that attentive especially at our impromptu entrance but the service got better after we were seated. We didn’t feel like a full on meal so we went with the burger, cheese and bacon and a side of fat chips to share – this was pretty affordable which was good as on first impressions you’d think The Heritage was more on the expensive side. We spent about $50 and left nice & full.

Burger at The Heritage

The burger was decent and the chips although not as tasty as The Trustee came with a nice chutney.

Chips at The Heritage

I thought it may have been the few drinks or so in me that resulted in me waiting at the manual doors but burger boy even after hearing my story, did the same on the way out 😉 so if you don’t read my post before going – don’t feel embarrassed if you do the same as The Heritage staff said many diners have done the same. Food bloggers Perth Food Engineers and The Food Pornographer have also had issues with the door so it’s def the door 🙂

The manual door at The Heritage

Both The Trustee and The Heritage are worth the visit, great range of drinks and cool décor. Service was prompt too.

If you happen to try the new Crust slice concept in the city, let us know what you think. We may one day incorporate some of the products into our own Crust store in Mount Lawley.

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  1. Emily Woodhouse on
    This Pizza is the best we have ever had! The Peri Peri is our favorite! Why can't we have one of these in Brisbane. Is pretty much the same price as Dominoes but amazing gourmet pizza.

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