Had a sweet piggy at gourmet burger shack without burger boy


I felt a little guilty on Friday having lunch with the girls without burger boy at gourmet burger shack. It was the lunch brainchild of OB and boy was it good – being a Friday I felt like a vino and that they had plenty of it 🙂 there were cocktails on the menu too.

It was love at first sight when I saw the sweet piggy on the menu, I’m a super fussy eater so when there’s a meal on a menu that doesn’t require me asking for something to be removed, I know it’s a sure winner.

My sweet piggy ($14)…

sweet piggy at gourmet burger shack

Sweet chilli pork, swiss cheese, caramalised onion, baby spinach, tomato and aiolo – oh I was in love. This I must say is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had after Five Napkin Burgers in New York. Bun was soft, patty tasty and just the right serving size.

Other burgers which my colleagues OB, Col & Sweet M had also looked amazing and judging by our moment of silence when our burgers arrived, everyone enjoyed their burgers.

OB had the wild mushroom…

Wild Mushroom burger

Col & Sweet M had the gourmet burger…

Sweet M had it with cheese…

Gourmet burger with cheese

Col had it with egg…


We shared a serve of large chips ($5) which were delicious! Soft on the inside, delicious herbs / bit of a crisp on the outside and the aioli sauce was yum.

Chips with aioli sauce

burger shack also served up my first cab merlot…

Cab Merlot

We had lunch for just over $20, it was a fun atmosphere, burgers were great and I’ll def be back!

Gourmet Burger Shack on Urbanspoon

The merlot drinking continued after work – we went to the Lost Society on Hay Street for the first time. It looked funky inside and there were a few seats outside.

We also had some tasty snacks…

Olives, red peppers filled with fetta and croquettes

Sweet corn croquettes were my highlight and I love love feta filled red peppers so I enjoyed those too.

The girls ordered pizzas, despite eating way too much pizza at our burger boy & I’s own gourmet pizza bar, I still had a couple of slices which were nice enough on a drinking night out.

Pizza at Lost Society

Lost Society on Urbanspoon

It was a great foodie day & night – was awesome to be able to try two new places in the one day!!


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    • I know I was really impressed as gourmet burger shack was different and being the end of the week I was really keen for a sneaky wine during lunch ;) We weren't given the option of buns and I had a look on the pic of the menu I took but doesn't appear to offer gluten free options.
  1. Sweet chilli pork & baby spinach, two of my favorite ingredients within one burger! That's the reason why I must need to try that Sweet Piggy. Yum.
    • The burgers are so yum at gourmet burger shack - was so good I held a farewell party for one of my colleagues there last week, was cool to go somewhere funky & casual in the city that can fit more than 30 ppl & doesn't cost a fortune!
  2. Now this looks really interesting and I hope a lot of people will want to try this too.. I hope this week I can make one like this..
  3. I love the foods specifically the burger and pizza. Who wouldn't want to eat those? The pizza looks unique for me. I wonder what's the taste like. :)

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