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The beginning of my working week has become burger boy’s weekend…it’s been exciting to be able to enjoy a home-cooked meal together and choosing a restaurant/eatery new to us to try every week. The opening of our Crust has made us appreciate our time together and the food even more than usual.

So the latest eating date burger boy and I went on was at Raah which opened in November last year. I remember being super impressed that they launched during the Beaufort Street Festival as having our own business we know how tough the first few weeks can be – let alone the first week.

I always drive / walk past Raah and the black curtains always intrigues me (in the same way the wooden door at Rockpool does) and leaves me wondering what’s inside. So when burger boy suggested we go try Raah out, I was excited about having something different and the chance to see what was behind the curtain!

The menu had a mix of adventurous meats that I don’t traditionally eat like goat, kangaroo, duck, lamb and quail to name a few…but the good thing was that I wasn’t limited in choice, there were also traditional meats like steak and pork on offer as well as vegetarian options.

Being new to Middle Eastern food and Raah, I asked our waitress what she recommended and she was fantastic, she took the time to explain to us the various ways we could order:

(1) Order mezzes, a main to share and desserts
(2) Order all mezzes & dessert
(3) Order just mains each and dessert

burger boy and I chose option 1 but we went an extra main and shared our dessert. Boy were we stuffed!!

For entree we had the mixed cheese and dill boreks (pastries) which was delicious, they remind me of the cheese filled pastries we use to always have at GOGO down the road from Raah.

Mixed cheese and dill boreks (pastries) at Raah

We also shared the seared sour cherry & rose marinated scallops with cucumber papadelle….

Seared scallops at Raah

The scallops were nice but I’ve decided I prefer them cooked through rather than seared.

I wanted to share our mains but whenever burger boy and I eat out especially when there’s game meat on the menu – burger boy always orders a dish I don’t eat because we never have game meats at home.

I ordered a well done steak and happily received a well done steak 🙂 Here’s my sirloin steak served with potatoes and nutty butter…

Steak at Raah

The fresh herb and preserved lemon marinate was nice and the portion was enough for two but I managed to polish it off in no time 🙂

burger boy had the goat curry which he really enjoyed…

Goat Curry at Raah

For dessert we shared the crème caramel with a middle eastern touch…

Creme Caramel at Raah

I really enjoyed my Raah dining experience.  It was my first time trying middle eastern food – service was fantastic and food tasted as good as it was described. Plus, major brownie points for cooking my steak my way 🙂 I can’t wait to taste Raah’s food again on Monday at the Autumn Roving Dinner.

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