Lunch with my mum at Spencer Village


Spencer Village is one of my mum’s favourite places to go for a good casual Asian feed. I took last Friday off work to spend time with mum as she’s looking at moving to Vietnam to live (she flew out for a 3 month trial on Monday). So what better way to spend it than eating and shopping.

We went straight to Fook Lee, our favourite stall at Spencer Village and as always the food is amazing. We had the glutinous rice which I absolutely loved, it had a sweet rather than the usual savoury flavour, the rice was soft/moist and the pork belly was super tender just falls apart and melted in my mouth.

Glutinous rice from Fook Lee, Spencer Village

The radish cake from Fook Lee was also yummy. My mum makes it really well and adds more ingredients but Fook Lee’s plain version was still really tasty, slight crisp on the outside and just the right amount of flavouring – not too strong. I was close to buying their massive chicken steam buns but ended up taking away some noodles for burger boy from Penang Cuisine (too much effort required to re-steam the buns!)

Radish cake from Fook Lee, Spencer Village

We then headed to Penang Cuisine and ordered the bee hoon fish fillet and hor fun.

The bee hoon normally comes with the fish head but mum wasn’t that keen and she knew I’d freak out at the sight of eyes/whole fish so she ordered the fillet instead. The fish wasn’t quite cooked in the middle and the parts that were cooked were a bit plain for my liking.

Fish from Penang Cuisine, Spencer Village


My hor fun was delicious though, egg sauce was yummy, noodles were cooked well and there were plenty of meat/seafood.

Hor Fun from Penang Cuisine, Spencer Village

I also managed to fit in a teh terik which was ok…

Tek Terik, Spencer Village

It was a lovely lunch with mum, & we had a bit of a feast at Spencer Village for under $45 and it included take-away for burger boy.

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