Celebrating our 2yr wedding anniversary at Sandrino Cafe & Pizzeria


Earlier this year, burger boy & I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary, you can tell we are married when my mum tells me I’m sounding like burger boy’s mum when I tell him to eat his veggies and also judging by the humorous vs lovey dovey card burger boy got me 😉

Anyway when deciding where to go for dinner it was between Sandrino Cafe & Pizzeria in Freo for a casual dinner or Rockpool for a bit of fine dining. Rockpool was the risky option at the time as I had heard mixed reviews and we had only just been to Burswood to celebrate burger boy’s birthday at Nobu a couple of weeks prior plus it meant dressing up on a Monday night. Sandrino on the other hand was the more casual safe option, I was able to go in my summer dress, wear flats and as we’ve been to Sandrino many times before we knew exactly what to expect. So Sandrino it was 🙂 and Rockpool will be for the next special occasion.

We started with a couple of drinks to begin with, I really felt like a cider but there was only Bulmer on the drinks list so a beer for burger boy and a glass of wine for me it was…

Beer at Sandrino

We ordered our favourite scallop & prawn ravioli. This dish is just amazing and I haven’t had anything like it anywhere else so I was relieved to see it still on the menu (we haven’t been to Sandrino for a couple of years).

Scallop and prawn ravioli

When I was scoping out where to go for seafood platters in Freo over the Christmas break last year, Sandrino’s seafood platter was suggested a few times on twitter so we ordered the seafood platter special knowing it was going to be super tasty and a great compliment to the scallop and prawn ravioli.

We didn’t have to wait long, our meals came out 10 minutes after we ordered. I was amazed at how quick the kitchen managed to turnaround our meals…our waitress told us their handheld sends orders direct to the kitchen and I think we just managed to just get in before rush hour 🙂

The scallop & prawn ravioli was just as amazing as we remembered – saffron cheese sauce just melts and the sundried tomato complemented the sauce beautifully.

The grilled seafood platter on the specials menu was yum too…

Grilled seafood platter

The calamari was lightly battered just the way I like it. The Oyster Kilpatrick had a BBQ strong flavour – too strong for me but it was burger boy’s favourite item on the seafood platter and he is not a huge fan of oysters! The prawn cocktail broke the seafood platter up well as everything else were hot dishes and the chips were nice – crispy and golden. I had a couple of chips before getting distracted by the seafood, by the time I was ready for another it was all gone. burger boy usually eats chips before his burgers so I should have known he would eat it before the seafood!

The salmon skewer (below) came out later and was a little dry, it wasn’t marinated and we felt there wasn’t much flavour to it.

Salmon skewers

We could barely fit dessert but couldn’t resist ordering the sticky date pudding which was ok but we were just too full to enjoy it.

Sticky date pudding

We didn’t mess around, it took half an hour to get to Freo but we managed to order / eat in the same amount of time it took us to get there – including dessert!

Sandrino was as good as I remembered and was the perfect restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It ticks all burger boy and I’s boxes – great service, amazing food, good portions and awesome vibe – all for around $80.

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  1. Burger boy and I have something in common! I eat my chips before my burger too! I would rather a warm (not hot) burger than cold chips.
    • Hi Jade, you just goto the restaurant's page on Urbanspoon and under bloggers click 'add review', this will give you a code for the widget which you can paste into the HTML version of your post.
  2. Everything looks great and attractive. It is sad that the salmon skewer was a little disappointing; it looks very satisfying in the photo though. I definitely want to try the grilled seafood platter and scallop & prawn ravioli. I am glad you enjoyed the rest of your meal and congratulations on your 2nd wedding anniversary.
    • oh the scallop & prawn ravioli is absolutely amazing - let me know what you think when you get a chance to try it Margaret. Thank you - time flies when you're having fun ;) I can still remember our honeymoon to America soo clearly...all the amazing food & shopping!
    • I haven't found anywhere that does the scallop & prawn ravioli as good as Sandrinos (including various restaurants in America) so def worth the visit ;) let me know what you think when you do visit Danyelle

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