A Sunday lunch with burger boy at Lido


The last two months, burger boy and I have been working alternate shifts – I’m at my day job during the day and burger boy is at Crust in the evenings so we hadn’t seen each other a whole lot except on weekends.

So I was excited that as of last week burger boy has been able to spend more time eating with me 🙂 it all started at Rockpool for my birthday (review to be posted soon) and on Sunday we went to Lido for lunch.

The last time we dined at Lido was a couple of years back and it was with burger boy & I’s families who are all very fussy eaters. We had been impressed by the quality of their Vietnamese food especially the fish dish. So we went back on the weekend and rather having the usual “street food” – we ordered dishes to share in attempt to replicate the dinner we had with our family two years ago. It was before my blogging days so I don’t have any photos to help jog our memories 🙁

To start, we had the Vietnamese pork & prawn rice paper rolls…

Prawn and pork Vietnamese rice paper rolls

These were as you would have at any Vietnamese restaurant but probably a bit pricier as it was $8.50 for two.

I had the apple custard smoothie…

Apple Custard Smoothie

It was the right consistency and tasted as it should – I have these all the time and across the board they taste pretty similar – I haven’t had a bad one yet!

Then our first dish arrived, the seafood dry hor fun minus the beans sprouts. This was delicious, there was plenty of flavour and very generous pieces of fish, seafood and prawns throughout.

Seafood Hor Fun

The pan fried fish fillets $19.50 was tender and the with spicy ginger fish sauce was very tasty. Wasn’t spicy as described on the menu which I was happy about 🙂

Pan fried fish fillets with spicy ginger sauce

The beef stew (bo kho) is usually one of my favourite dishes, the flavours were right and the beef was tender enough but my mum does this dish really well so I’m hard to pleased. The only place I’ve been to that makes bo kho better than my mum is Luke Nguyen’s Red Lantern in Sydney.

Vietnamese Beef Stew - Bo Kho

It was very filling and more expensive than our usual lunch but it was worth it. We enjoyed the setting, the service was quick, food was tasty and it was nice to chill before heading to our store. burger boy & I happily ate the left overs for dinner later that night 😉

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  1. I know everybody say their mother’s Sunday lunch is the best but I’ve eaten them up and down the country, I’ve eaten at the ‘best calda ery in the Philippines’
  2. Awww. Nothing beats a lunch outing with Mum. My Mum lives interstate so I can relate! Lunch with your mum can be something that many take for granted but add distance between mother and daughter and these times become so precious. Hope you get to visit her soon!
    • I can't imagine what I'd be like when we have kids and if they want to move overseas or something ;) where does your mum live / how often do you visit? My mum has booked a return flight for end of June so she'll be back before I know it! Then we'll prob go visit in Sep.

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