Eating our way through Eat Drink Perth’s Yum Cha in the Park


As my mum, bro, little miss bacon and I were making our way to the Northbridge Piazza for Yum Cha in the Park I was reading about the 40 degree heat and the massive lines on twitter so much so we nearly went to eat dim sum elsewhere (we were thinking somewhere air conned) but thankfully when we arrived around 12, there were plenty of shaded seating areas and there weren’t many lines.

I went straight for Utopia’s bubble tea, I normally go the Winter Love with lychee jelly or the Lychee Smoothie so it was good that they weren’t available as I’ve discovered a new favourite 🙂 The passionfruit bubble tea was very refreshing…


We then headed straight over to Red Hot Spatula’s stall – her pull pork sliders has been on my to eat list for ages so I was excited it wasn’t all sold out.


Oh and it was just amazing, like my mum’s steamed BBQ buns but with pulled pork inside. Will try to get to the Twilight Markets this Friday night for more! Red Hot Spatula tells me this coming Friday is her last week at the Twilight Markets but she’ll be at other markets in coming weeks.

I had a taste of Blue Apocalypse’s chicken dumplings from Jumplings which was very tasty…a bit of mayo was provided on the side but I reckon it would have tasted even more amazing with soy sauce.


As we were munching away at our dim sum, we enjoyed the lion dance…


It came right up and close to us. It brought back childhood memories, my bro and I used to be scared of the lion dance because it was so loud and the lions were soo big, reckon these little cute ones would have won us over 😉

Just as we thought we had enough, little miss bacon came back with egg tarts from Golden Century


And siu mai from Dragon…


So glad she did though as it was yummy as expected. It was only at this point 5 minutes before Yum Cha in the Park wrapped up that I thought of burger boy working away on his laptop at home…so I quickly went back to Golden Century & Dragon for takeaway egg tarts and BBQ pork buns. He would have loved the pull pork sliders, will have to pick him up some next time.

It was a nice to have Yum Cha in the Park and be great to have it again in cooler conditions!


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  1. I was planning to go to this event, but the heat was too much & I returned, defeated, to sit on the couch gasping in front of the airconditioner. Never fear - I popped into Welcome Inn Tea House today for a dim sum fix.
  2. Danyelle Franciosa on
    It seems that you are having so much fun eating and drinking and I missed doing that with my friends. One of my favorite Chinese food is Siomai and I truly love it.

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