Gearing up for the 2012 Eat Drink Perth festival!


I recall this time last year being a super busy time of the year and the only Eat Drink Perth event I managed to fit in during the festival was the Twilight Markets. This year though as one of six official Eat Drink Perth food bloggers, I’ve said to burger boy I need to make time to eat 😉 which isn’t hard considering I work in the city anyway.

So going by my Eat Drink Perth foodie experiences last year… I absolutely loved the Twilight Markets, you really can’t go wrong with a market dedicated to food 😉 The Belgian Beer Café’s Eat Drink Perth special discount also came in very handy when I went there for my birthday lunch – can’t believe it’s almost that time of the year again (this year we’re going to The George which has become my favourite work lunch option). I was also really keen to try the coffee appreciation course but missed out so hopefully I’ll be able to make it to this year’s Barista Basic Course at Howard Street Café!

The 2012 Eat Drink Perth program is filled with awesome foodie events! I’m most looking forward to the degustations as I’ve never been to one before. Cheeky Sparrow’s Cheeky Wine & Food Degustation and Amphoras Taste of Spain are both marked in my diary. Before I was even invited to Amuse’s dessert degustation I had it as a must go, if you’ve been following my blog you know how much I love my dessert!! Now the question is who do I take – burger boy or mahara?

The eat, drink, walk Perth small bars tour also intrigues me. burger boy and I went on our first food tour in New York and it was the best. We went at the beginning of our trip and our tour guide Corey took us to all the small eateries in Hell’s Kitchen that you wouldn’t come across as a tourist – the most memorable foodie moments were our introduction to Philly Cheesesteak and Falafels. Two foods we’ve never had before our honeymoon…needless to say that the one week we were in New York we visited Hell’s Kitchen numerous times 😉 So I’m hoping this small bars tour will introduce me to new interesting facts / bars I don’t usually go to here in Perth.

Other Eat Drink Perth events marked in my diary are the William Street Festival which I’d imagine be as good as the Beaufort Street Festival and Yum Cha in the Park. I love dim sum so my whole family will def be going to that. Golden Century, one of my favourite Chinese restaurants is one of three restaurants who’ll be taking their dim sum carts out so I’m looking forward to having dim sum outdoors for a change. Although I plan to sit as far away as possible from the chicken feet eating competition – don’t think my stomach can handle that!

The 2012 Eat Drink Perth festivities kicks off tomorrow and runs right through the month of March 🙂 I look forward to a month of eating and drinking festivities!


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  1. I cant wait either!! Ive already booked in the Spanish Tapas at Amphoras, and am planning on a cheeky sparrow dego, as well as Yum Cha in the Park! Im bummmed to be missing the William St Festival though, as Ill be in qld :( cant wait!
    • Oh I am so devo I'm missing out on Amphoras, knew it was going to be popular but didn't think to book til tonight. There may be still hope for Cheeky Sparrow *fingers crossed* that they find two seats somewhere! Will see you at Yum Cha in the Park :)
  2. I also had a fine gastronomic experience with the last Eat Drink Perth Festival. I hope that I'll be back to catch up with this year's edition.
    • It is def worth coming back for :) hopefully you've reserved tickets for the EDP events though as I called Amphoras and Cheeky Sparrow & they were fully booked out - am on the waiting list!
  3. chicken feet eating competition hey - where do i sign up :D definitely keen for Yum Cha in the Park & The William Street Festival :)

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